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  1. What does SDR stand for
    Standard Discrepancy Report
  2. What is the timeframes for submitting an SDR for inventory consisting of arms, arms parts, ammunition and explosives, or if the wrong item is received?
    report within 24 hours of discovery.
  3. What is the timeframe for reporting an SDR for non-ammunition items?
    60 days from date of shipment from CONUS (continental US)


    120 days for overseas destinations
  4. What is the definition of a PQDR
    Product Quality Deficiency Reprot
  5. Cat. 1 (category 1) deficiencies consist of what?

    What is the timeframe for submitting a PQDR related to a Cat. 1 deficiency?
    Cat. 1 deficiencies consist of anything that causes bodily harm or death.

    PQDR must be submitted within 24 hours.
  6. What is a Cat. 2 deficiencies consist of what?

    How my time do you have report at Cat. 2 deficiency.
    Cat. 2 deficiencies consist of anything that is not a Cat. 1 deficiency.

    You have 72 hours to report these type of deficiencies/submit a PQDR.
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