mkt test 3 innovativeness

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  1. diffusion process
    The process by which the acceptance of an innovation is spread by communication to members of social system over a period of time.
  2. adoption process
    The stages through which an individual consumer passes in arriving at a decision to try (or not to try), to continue using (or discontinue using) a new product.
  3. elements of the diffusion process
    The Innovation, The Channels of Communication, The Social System, Time
  4. firm-oriented definitions
    Product is “new” to the company
  5. social systems are either
    modern or traditional
  6. purchase time
    amount of time that elapses between when a consumer is initially aware of product to point where they purchase or reject
  7. product-oriented definitions
    Continuous, Dynamically continuous, Discontinuous
  8. market oriented definitions
    based on consumer exposure
  9. consumer-oriented definitions
    Consumer judges it as “new”
  10. Adoption Awareness
    Consumer is first exposed to the product innovation.
  11. Adoption Interest
    Consumer is interested in the product and searches for additional information
  12. Adoption Evaluation
    decides whether or not to believe that this product or service will satisfy the need--a kind of “mental trial.”
  13. Adoption Trial
    consumer uses process on a limited basis
  14. Adoption/Rejection
    If trial is favorable, consumer decides to use the product on a full, rather than a limited basis--if unfavorable, the consumer decides to reject it.
  15. Product Characteristics That Influence Diffusion
    Relative Advantage, Compatibility, Complexity, Trialability, Observability
  16. consumer innovators are more interested in
    the product category
  17. opinion leaders and less dogmatic
    consumer innovators
  18. consumer innovators qualities
    low risk, venturesomeness, less brand loyal
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