Reporting incidents or offenses

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  1. When is an offense card needed
    • Any incident which may require a follow up.
    • Any Felony
  2. What calls do not require a report
    Alarms         - accidental or malfunction

    911 Hang up - unfouded

    Certain traffic complaints - assist traffic direction or wreckless driver with no reportee or witness
  3. When are MI cards used
    when documenting the handling of a incident where no follow up is anticipated
  4. How are MI cards filled out
    with case number and times on front along with all other appropriate boxes filled out.
  5. Who reviews the MI cards
  6. Supervisors review MI cards for
    • completness
    • legibility
    • appropriate use and compliance with policy

    Supervisors will clarify that MI card was acceptable and sign off acknowledging approval
  7. When are narcotics MI cards used
    When drug activity is suspected however none is found and no officer follow up is needed.

    the records division will keep track of of reported narcotics activity
  8. can a supervisor cancel an officers response to a narcotics complaint
    no a supervisor can not cancel a narcotics complaint under any circumstances and a narcotics MI card must be filled out with any available information.
  9. What is a homeless incident cards ID number
    form Z-618
  10. When is a homeless incident card required
    Whenever an interaction or contact with a person determined to be homeless is made reguardless of whether it is self initiated contact or citizen complaint.

    All homeless individual contacts are tracked by the records division. 
  11. What code needs to be placed in the special enforcement field of offense reports involving homeless individuals.
     HL (homeless)
  12. what is the ID number for misdemeanor theft incident (MTI)
    form z-573
  13. When is a misdemeanor theft incident card used and what color is it
    a MTI card is light blue and is used to capture all necessary data needed and may be used by state attorney should a culprti be later apprehended.
  14. How is a misdemeanor theft incident card closed out by officer
    report taken
  15. When is MTI card used
    non custody fraud or fail to pay under $300.00. any convenience / grocery store, gas station or restraunt. if culprit can be identified and reportee wished to file charges the officer must sign the card and have it notarized.
  16. What is a bicycle civil ordinance citation evidence form
    Form used during confiscation of a bicycle that is in violation city ordinance. form can be used in place of police report. An evidence form must also be filled out and submitted
  17. When can a PC only arrest be done with no offense report
    any on view misdemeanor arrest where no followup is required.
  18. What is required on PC only report
    • all information that would be on an offense report
    • location type and code
    • must have a court copy made and must be stamped in red "PC only"
  19. What is a theft report and when is it used
    form filled out by victim where petit theft less than 1000 is found and no culprit information is known.
  20. how can a theft report be compleed
    • either mailed out to victim
    • by phone with SRO
    • patrol officer can drop off
    • partrol officer can fill out for victim
  21. When are offense reports required
    anytime an incident does not meet the requirements for MI cards, theft cards or any other type of non followup card. 
  22. How must offense reports be filled out
    black ball point pin or typed
  23. When must reports be turned in
    by the end of shift same day as the incident unless approved by supervisor
  24. can an officer follow up on investigation in which he/she is the victim
  25. If officer injured during call sgt will need to.
    • determine proper aid for officer
    • determine who will take the report
    • notify shift captain as soon as possible
  26. When is a missing report notice generated
    after 14 days
  27. how soon should recipient of missing report notice respond to notice
    within 1 working day
  28. If missing report notice is not resolved in 7 days what happens
    records will generate paper request and forward to district major or unit captain. if issue is not resolved, disciplinary action will be taken.
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