Kinesiology Chap 22

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  1. During the gait cycle there are two periods of support, what are they
    • Double support
    • Single support
  2. What is the difference between stride length and step length
    Stride length is the distance one foot touches the ground then it touches it again. Step length is the distance between the heel strike of one foot and the heel strike of the opposite foot.
  3. What are the osteokinematic motions of the body during heel-off (terminal stance)
    • Dorsiflexion to planterflexion
    • knee extension
    • hip hyperextension
    • lower trunk rotate to same side
    • upper trunk rotate to same side
  4. Using RLA terminology, name the individual phases of the stance phase
    • Initial contact
    • Loading response
    • Midstance
    • Terminal stance
    • Preswing
  5. What is the osteokinematic motion or positions of the body during heel strike (initial contact)
    • Ankle is neutral
    • Knee flexion
    • Hip flexion
    • Lower trunk rotates to opposite side contralateral arm forward
  6. What are the osteokinematic motion during toe-off
    • Ankle plantarflexion
    • Knee & hip flexion
  7. Foot flat is known as what in RLA terminology
    Loading response
  8. What are the 2 phases of the gait cycle
    Stance phase and swing phase
  9. The swing phase of the gait cycle consists of what phases
    Traditional RLA acceleration initial swing midswing, midswing deceleration, terminal swing
  10. What osteokinematic motion occurs during midstance
    • Slight dorsiflexion
    • Knee & hip extension
    • Trunk neutral
  11. What osteokinematic motion is occurring during foot flat (loading response)
    • Plantar flexion
    • Knee flexion
    • Hip moving into extension
  12. What are the two phases of gait cycle
    • Stance phase 60%
    • Swing phase 40%
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