Authorized non lethal weapons

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  1. Define non lethal weapon
    any weapon not likely to cause death or great bodily harm, but has potential to do so in certain cercumstances
  2. How often should a non-lethal weapon be tested
    once a year at use of force training
  3. Who maintains a record of the inspection and repair of non-lethal weapons
    The training unit
  4. Who reviews non-lethal weapons to decide if weapons should be added or removed
    Training unit
  5. List the 3 types of approved chemical munitions
    • Punch II = 5% OC blend
    • Freeze Plus = 1% CS and .25% OC Blend
    • Freeze Plus P - 1% CS and 1% OC Blend
  6. what does ADS stand for
    Aerosol Defense Spray
  7. After any use of OC spray the arretee must be ?
    Evaluated by EMS and transported to a medical facility for medical clearance.
  8. What is the effective shelf life of ADS products
    2 years
  9. Who can carry ADS and what must they do before they can do so
    Officers, PSA's, and PES's, all must complete department approved training class.
  10. What are chemical agents
    OC/CS, Stingers 37mm hand deployed, smoke canaster's
  11. Use of SWAT chemical agents will be under direction of who?
    SWAT commander
  12. Use of chemical agent by patrol will be under who's direction
    Patrol Captain unless otherwise authorized in advance.
  13. Who can deploy a chemical agent at the patrol level?
    Only a supervisor or an officer directly under command of supervisor
  14. Who maintains and evaluates and inventories chemical agents including SWAT, patrol and related riot equipment?
    the SWAT team
  15. Who has a current list of amounts types and locations of chemical agents
    Operations Support Division and all patrol captains
  16. Who is Chemical agent inventory sent to and when?
    To the Operations Bureau Assistant Chief and will be completed and forwarded by April 1st every year
  17. Who is trained in use of Chemical Agents
    SWAT - Conducted by and under the supervision of SWAT supervisors

    Patrol - conducted by SWAT Team periodically using outdated chemical agents.
  18. What Chemical Agent topics are covered under the patrol training.
    Policies and procedures

    Status and location of chemical agents and method of access

    Hands on training (demonstrate proper deployment not necessarily forced exposure of agent)
  19. What are the 4 approved batons
    • Department issued Monadnock
    • Monadnock Expandable SX-24
    • Monadnock Expandaple mini MX 18P
    • Monadnock Autolock 21,22,26 with safety tip
  20. Define non-lethal tactic
    An application which meets objectives with less potential for causing dath or serious physical harm than conventional police tactics
  21. Define Kinetic Energy Projectiles
    Flexible or non projectile intended to incapacitate a subject with minimal potential for death or serious injury compared to conventional projectiles
  22. Describe non lethal projectile
     paintball like projectile made of polystyrene and granular non-toxic bismuth.
  23. How fast and far does a non lethal projectile travel
    280 - 300 fps with a max effective range of 100 meters
  24. What colors do non-lethal projectiles come in
    • Orange - Oc
    • yellow - permanant marking
    • pink - washable marking
    • Clear - training round
  25. where should a FN round be aimed at what distance
    • 3'-12' thighs
    • 12' or more torso
    • never at head
  26. list non leathal projectile weapons
    • 12 gauge - fabric bag using kenetic energy
    • 37mm - non-flexable polyurathane projectile
    • FN-303 round - pepperball gun projectiles - most effective potential for incapacition
  27. what is the followup procedure after using non-lethal round
    • transport suspect to medical faciility
    • photograph point of contact
    • document on Offense report and rout to IA
  28. how often are officers trained in non-lethal rounds
    Officer will qualify annually
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