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  1. cultural shifts
    widely held beliefs that affirm what is desirable
  2. self oriented values
    Reflect a society’s view of the appropriate relationships between individuals and groups within that society. Religious, sensual, hard working, material, etc
  3. Environment-Oriented Values
    Prescribe a society’s relationship to its economic, technical, and physical environment. Tradition, cleanliness, admire nature, risk taking
  4. Other-Oriented Values
    a society’s view of relationships between individuals and groups in that society. Diversity, youth, competition, feminine
  5. Green Marketing
    developing products that have a positive impact on the environment or tying the purchase of a product to an environmental organization
  6. Cause-Related Marketing
    ties a company to an issue or cause with the goal of improving sales or image while providing benefits to the cause.
  7. Marketing to Gay and Lesbian Consumers
    High purchase power, changing american culture values
  8. Gender Based Marketing
    Market Segmentation, product strategy, marketing communications, retail strategy
  9. Cohort analysis
    describing the attitudes, values and behaviors of an age group as well as predicting its future attitudes, values, and behaviors.
  10. mature market
    Pre-depression, depression, baby boom
  11. generation x
    stereotype is wrong, Xers are more educated than previous generations
  12. generation y
    tech savvy, strong vehicle market
  13. social rank
    one’s position relative to others on one or more dimensions valued by society
  14. social class system
    hierarchical division of a society into distinct and homogeneous groups with respect to attitudes, values, and lifestyles. pure social classes do not exist in US.
  15. Status crystallization
    moderate in the U.S., reflects the consistency of status dimensions, like parental status, education, occupation and income. They set limits on one’s lifestyle, including residence.
  16. measuring social class: single-item index
    education, occupation, income - directly influence consumption behavior
  17. Multi-Item Index
    Hollingshead Index of Social Position
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