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  1. Chicago was Nicknamed??
    The wickedest city in the was. This nickname came from the Civil war crimes
  2. Who was the first Boss in Chicago and what was his nickname?
    Michael (King Mike) McDonald.
  3. What was the Outfit
    Another name for Organized Crime in Chicago
  4. Michael (King Mike) McDonald
    He owned allot of properties and his wife shot a police officer when one of his clubs were being raided. His wife then ran away with a priest that he highered to try and help her make it through that rough time in her life.
  5. What did King Mike do with his properties once his social life started to deteriorate?
    He gave Mont Tennes his gambling power over his properties. He gave John (Bathhouse) Coughlin & Michael (Hinky Dink) Kenna his power over politics. Bath & Dink had political power.
  6. How did Bath & Dink get their names?
    John (Bathhouse) Coughlin owned allot of bathouses which were really Whore houses that started off as massage parlors. Michael (Hinky Dink) Kenna got his name because Dink was an old name for drink and he controlled the bars.
  7. Why did Dink & Bathhouse step down from their properties?
    They stepped down because they saw that crime was becoming violent and they didn't want anything to do with the violence.
  8. Mont Tenne?
    He controlled the wire service which was a way to directly send a message the fastest way. His wire service took a big part in gambling on race tracks before Past Posting came into play. Past posting was betting on a race that's results are already known. The wire service stopped past posting.
  9. Will (Big Bill) Thompson?
    Very corrupt mayor of Chicago. He worked off the spoil system which worked as you make large donations for me and you can have any job you want if i make it as Mayor. He said he would clean up the streets and did the total opposite. He extorted money from bussiness for his second election. He was reelected because he had Al Capon backing him up. His third election was after William Dever, he had the saying "Let the liquor flow again" during the prohibition.
  10. William Dever?
    He was mayor after Will (Big Bill) Thompson. He wasn't corrupt like Big Bill was.
  11. Anton Cermak?
    Ran for Mayor and was known as the (Chicago Machine or the Democratic Machine). His tactic was to get translators that spoke other languages because Chicago had many different cultures. He would talk to the Italian, Polish, Spanish & German all in their native tongue with a translator. He defeated Big Ben with this tactic. He was killed by a stray bullet aimed for FDR.
  12. Slate?
    A group of politicians who ran together.
  13. (Dimond) Jim Colosimo??
    He got his name from wearing dimonds on every finger. He controlled prostetution on the south side of Chicago. His wife was a prostitute. He was the reason the Man Act was created, because he was traveling around the country bringing young girls back to work for him. When things got violent he called his cousin from NY Frankie Yale for some musle. John Torrio and Alfonz Capone (ScarFace) were sent to chicago from NY. Torrio and Capone wanted Colosimo to get involved with Alcohol when the proabition started. When he refused they got him killed. Frankie Yale shot him in his own restaurant.
  14. John Torrio & Dion O'Banion?
    Worked with Alfonz Capone. Was partially responsible for the murder of Dimond Jim Colosimo. Took over the prostitute busniess when Colosimo died. Him and Capone worked on branching out to the north side of chicago where they bumped heads with Dion O'Banion in Cicero. He made a truce with O'Banion to stay on each other side of Chicago. Buy's the Siben Brewery from O'Banion for half a million dollars just to have it raided by O'Banion's police force a few days later. Torrio was humiliated by O'banion because he put it allover the papers and he was out of half a million. When Murlo a very important and well respected Union leader died Torrio and Capone order a large amunt of flowers from O'Banions flower shop. When O'Banion comes to the front of the flower shop to thank the two fellas for their high paying purchase one guy (Frankie Yale) clamps his hand on a friendly handshake and the other two henchmen that were with him, gun him down multiple times. Yale clenched his one hand because O'Banion was notorious for being well armed with guns so it would be one less hand he could use to reach for one. Weiss the underboss of O'banion was seeking vengeance and gotten Torrio beaten and stabbed almost to death while he was out to dinner with his wife. After the attack he left back to NY and left everything to Al Capone.
  15. Who's attack on Capone made him want a Armor Plated Cadillac?
    Weiss attempted to kill Al Capone while he was at dinner but failed.
  16. Who did Al Capone rule with in the Outfit?
    His brother Ralph Capone, Frank (the enforcer) Nitti who was second in charge & Jake Guzik who was the brains of the operations. Capone split the money evenly with these men.
  17. What were the three incidents that turned the public against Al Capone??
    The accidental killing's of William McSwiggin who was a a popular and honest district attorney. He was trying to shoot at George Bug's Moran and missed. The Saint Vallentines Day Massacer was alos the next and most historic killing Capone was responsible for also trying to kill Moran and failing killing 7 people on valentines day. He was also living royally while everyone else was living in poverty during the great depression.  
  18. Where did Capone get the house and boat in Florida?
    He got the house from Budweiser and te boat from Old's Mobile car company.
  19. Where was the Saint Valentines Day Massacre?
    SMS Cartage, Co 2122 N clark st. It was a brewery during the prohibition.
  20. Who were all the mobsters that ruled from the North side of Chicago?
    O'Brien, Weiss, Morgan, New Berry
  21. Who were all the mobsters that ruled from the South side of Chicago?
    Colosimo, Torrio, Capone, Witti 
  22. Who was the man that put Capone away and why?
    George E Johnson for tax evasion.
  23. How did Frank Capone die?
    He was shot in a shootout in Cicero with the police.
  24. What was Al Capone's weapon of choice?
    Soap in a sock
  25. What was the gangland peace?
    A rule that made it so everyone would get paid equally. 
  26. Where would Capone tell people his scar came from?
    He told them he got it from the war.
  27. How did Al Capone die?
    He had Syphilis that was eating away at his brain and eventually killed him. 
  28. Who did Al Capone accidently kill when he was aiming for George Bugs Morgan.
    He accidently killed William McSwiggin also known as the "hanging prosecutor" because he put away so many criminals. 
  29. How did the Chinese Triads start
    The Ming dynasty started out fighting the rebels in china over food and famine and asked the Manchus for help. Manchus helped then took over and killed the Ming dynasty out. 
  30. What was the triangle that the Triads believed in?
    Heaven, earth and man. They believed that Armies protect the government & secret societies protect the people.
  31. What was one thing that chines cultures are big on that other culturs aren't? 
  32. What is the biggest drug in China?
    China white also known as Heroin. The 60's and 70's had 5% pure heroin while the 80's and 90's had 50% pure heroin.
  33. What were Tongs?
    Meeting place where a legitimate group of Americans would help Chines Americans get established
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