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  1. 6TO4
    • In TCP/IP v.6, older tunneling protocl being replaced by Toredo/ ISATAP protocols
    • Tunnels use by IPv6 to transport packets to IPv4 network
  2. 802.11a/b/g/n
    • collectv name for IEEE 802.11 standards for local wirelss netwrking
    • (techncl name for Wi-Fi)
  3. adapter address
    MAC addrss
  4. AES (advanced Encryption Standard)
    standard used by WPA2 & currently strongest encrypt'n standard used by Wi-Fi
  5. alt IP address
    when config TCP/IP in Win, addrss Win uses if it can't lease an IP addrss from DHCP server
  6. anycast address
    using TCP/IP v.6 - type of IP addrss used by routers & id's mult destin'ns. Packets delivrd to closest destin'n
  7. Automatic Private IP Address (APIPA)
    TCP/IP v.4, IP adrss in range 169.254.x.y., used by comptr when can't succsfuly lease IP addrs from DNS server
  8. best-effort protocol
    connectless protocl
  9. channel
    spec, radio frequency w/in  broader frequency
  10. Class A
    • license for range of IPv4 IP adrss,defines single octet, is ntwrk port'n of IP addrss in that license.
    • last 3 octets used for host addrss/subneting ntwrk
  11. Class B
    • license for range of IPv4 IP adrss
    • defines 1st 2 octets, used for ntwrk port'n of IP addrss
    • last 2 octets used for host addrss/subneting ntwrk
  12. Class C
    • license for range of IPv4 IP adrss
    • defines 1st 3 octets, used for ntwrk port'n of IP addrss
  13. classful subnet mask
    • TCP/IP v4 subnet mask used if ntwrk not ÷ into subnets
    • ntwrk portion of IP addrss aligns w/ class license
    • Ex: 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000 or is classful subnet mask for class C license
  14. classless subnet mask
    • TCP/IP v4 subnet mask takes some bits of host portion of IP addrss for ntwrk ID & doesn't align ntwrkw portion of IP adrss w/ ntwrk octets assigned by class license.
    • Can have mix of 1's & 0's in one octet or contain all 1's in octet that wasn't leased by class license
    • Ex: 11111111.11111111.11110000.00000000 or
  15. client/server
    • 2 comptrs communc8 using local ntwrk/internet
    • 1 cmptr takes roll making requests-client
    • cmptr ans request- server
  16. computer name
    host name
  17. connect'nless protocol
    • TCP/IP protocol (ex: UDP)
    • works @ OSI Transport layer & doen't guarantee delivry by 1st connectng & checking where data received.
    • used: broadcastng (streamng video/ sound over web, where guaranteed deliv not as important as fast transmission)
  18. connect'n oriented  protocol
    • in ntwrking, TCP/IP protocl confirms good connect'n made b4 transmittng data to other end
    • verifies data received & resends if not
    • Ex: TCP
  19. default gateway
    gateway a comptr on ntwrk will use to accss anothr ntwrk unless it knows to specifcally use another gateway for quickr accss to that ntwrk
    used by servr to assign a dynamic IP addrss to comptr when 1st attempts to initiate a connect'n to ntwrk & requests IP addrss
  21. DHCP client
    comptr of other device (ntwrk printer) that requests IP addrss from DHCP server
  22. DMZ
    "demilitarized zone" refers to removing firewall protect'n from a computr/ntwrk w/in orgz'n of protected computrs & ntwrks
  23. DNS (domain name system/service)
    • distrib pool of info "name space"
    • keeps track assigned host & domain names & their correspondng IP addrss
    • Also refers to system that allows host to loc8 info in the pool & protocl systm uses
  24. DNS client
    • When Win queries  DNS servr for name resolut'n
    • -to find IP addrss for computr when fully qualified domain name is known
  25. DNS server
    • uses DNS protocl to find IP addrss for computr when fully qualified domain name is known
    • ISP responsble for providng accss to 1+ DNS servers as part of service it provides for Internet accss
  26. domain name
    • name I.D.s ntwrk & appears b4 period in website addrss such as
    • fully qualified domain name is sometimes loosly called domain name
  27. dynamic IP address
    • IP addrss assigned by DHCP server for current session only, & leased when computr 1st  connects to a ntwrk.
    • once session term, IP addrss returned to list of avail addrss
  28. FTP
    (file transfer protocol)

    TCP/IP protocl & app uses Internet to transfer files btwn computrs
  29. fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
    I.D.s comptr & ntwrk to which it belongs & includes comptr name & domain name
  30. gateway
    any device/comptr  ntwrk traffic can use to leave 1 ntwrk & go to diff ntwrk
  31. global unicast address
    • also:global address
    • In TCP/IP v6
    • IP addrss can be routed on internet
  32. hardware address
    MAC address
  33. host name
    • name ID's comutr, printer/ other device on ntwrk
    • can be used instead of computr's IP addrss to addrss comptr on ntwrk
    • Host name +Domain name = fully qualified domain name
  34. Hosts file
    • C:WindowsSystem32driversetc folder
    • contains comptr names & their assoc IP adrss on local ntwrk
    • *doesn't have file ext
  35. HTTP (Hypertext Trafnsfer Protocol)
    TCP/IP protocl used for World Wide Web & by web browsers & servers to communic8
  36. HTTPS
    • (HTTP secure)
    • protocol working w/seurity protocol such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS- better than SSL)
    • to cr8 secured socket that includes data encrypt'n
  37. IMAP4 (internet mssg accss protocol, version 4)
    used by email server & client allows client to manage email stored on sever w/o downloading email
  38. interface
    • In TCP/IP v.6, a node's attachmnt to link
    • attachmt can be physical (when using ntwrk adapter)
    • or logical (when using tunneling protocol)
    • ea. interface assigned IP addrss
  39. interface id
    In TCP/IP v.6, last 64-bits/4 blocks of IP addrss that ID the interface
  40. internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4)
    group of TCP/IP standards using IP addrss w/32 bits
  41. internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
    group of TCP/IP standards using IP addrss w/128 bits
  42. intranet
    • any private ntwrk using TCP/IP protocol
    • large enterprise might support, made up several local ntwrks
  43. IP addrss
    • 32/128-bit addrss uniquely IDs device/interface on ntwrk that uses TCP/IP protocl
    • 1st # ID's ntwrk, last # ID's host
    • Ex:
    • 32-bit
    • 128-bit 2001:0000:B80::D3:9C5A:CC
  44. ISATAP
    In TCP/IP v.6, tunneling protocl developed for IPv6 packets to travel over IPv4 ntwrk & stands for Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol
  45. lightweightDirectory Accss Protocl (LDAP)
    protocl used by various client apps when app needs to query database
  46. link
    • In TCP/IP v.6,
    • local area ntwrk/wide area ntwrk bounded by routers
    • AKA local link
  47. link-local unicast addrss /link-local addrss
    • In TCP/IP v.6,
    • IP addrss used for communc8 among nodes in same link & is allowed on Internet
  48. local area ntwork
    ntwrk bound by routers/ other gateway devices
  49. loopback address
    IP addrss indic8s ur own comptr & used to test TCP/IP config on comptr
  50. MAC (media access control)
    • 48-bit (6-byte) hardware addrss unique to ea NIC/onboard ntwrk cntrllr assigned by manu @ factory & embedded on device.
    • addrss often printed on adapter as hexadecimal #s
    • Ex: 00 00 0C 08 2F 35
    • Also called "physical, adapter, hardware addrss"
  51. multicast addrss
    • In TCP/IP v.6,
    • IP addrss used when packets are delivered to all nodes on ntwrk
  52. multicasting
    • In TCP/IP v.6,
    • 1 host sends msgs to mult hosts, such as when host transmits video conference over internet
  53. mult input/mult output (MIMO)
    feature of IEEE 802.11n standard for wireless ntwrkng where 2+ antennas used @ both ends transmssn to improve performance
  54. name resolut'n
    proccss of assoc char-based name w/IP address
  55. NAT(NETWORK Addrss Transla'n)
    TCP/IP protocl subst public IP addrss of router for IP addrss of other comptr when these comptrs need to comunc8 on internt 
  56. neighbors
    • In TCP/IP v.6,
    • 2+ nodes on same link
  57. netwrk adaptr card
    same as NIC
  58. octet
    • In TCP/IP v.4,
    • ea of 4#s separ8d by "." & make up 32-bit addrss
    • 1 octet= 8-bits
  59. packet
    • segmt of data sent over ntwrk as unit containg data & info @ beginning of segmt that i.d.s:
    • data type, where it came from, & where its going
    • "data packet, datagram"
  60. physical addrss
    MAC address
  61. POP3 (Post Office Protocl, version 3)
    protocl email servr & client use when client requests email msg download
  62. port
    aka: port address/ port #

    1.  applied to servc running on computr, # assigned to procss on comptr, so that procss can be found by TCP/IP

    2. physcl connectr usually @ back of comptr, allows cable from peripheral device (printer,  mouse/ modem to be attached
  63. port filtering
    • to open/close certain ports so they can/can't be used
    • firewalls use to protect ntwrk from unwanted communc'n
  64. port forwarding
    techniq allows comptr on internet to reach comptr on private ntwwrk using certain port when private ntwrk protected by firewall device using NAT
  65. port triggering
    when firewall opens port, cuz comptr behind firewall initiates communc'n on anothr port
  66. private IP address
    • In TCP/IP v.4
    • used on privt ntwrk thats isol8d from internet
  67. protocols
    • rules & standards 2 entities use for communc'n
    • Ex:TCP/IP is a suite/ group of protocls defining
    • many types of communc'n on TCP/IP ntwrk
  68. public IP address
    • TCP/IP v4
    • an IP addrss avail to Internet
  69. QoS
    • Quality of service
    • feature used by Win & ntwrk hardware devices to improve ntwrk performance for an app not getting best ntwrk performanc
    • VoIP requires high QoS
  70. radio frequency
    waves gen by radio signal, are electromagnetic frequencies above audio & below light

    Ex: Wi-Fi 802.11n transmits 5GHz & 2.4 GHz 
  71. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
    protocl used by Win RD & Remote Assistance utilities to connect to & cntrl a remote comptr
  72. router
    device manages traffic btwn 2+ ntwrks & helps find best path for traffic to get from 1 ntwrk to another
  73. Secure FTP (SFTP)
    TCP/IP protocl used to transfr files from FTP servr to FTP client using encrypt'n
  74. Secure Shell (SSH)
    protocol used to pass login info to remote comptr & cntrl that comptr over ntwrk using encrypt'n
  75. Server Msg Block (SMB)
    • Win protocl
    • to share files & printers on ntwrk
  76. Service Set Identifier (SSID)
    name of wireless ntwrk
  77. SIM card
    • Subscriber I.D. Module card
    • flash mem contain info needed to connect cellular ntwrk: encrypt'n standards used, service that a subscript'n includes
  78. Simple Network Mngmt Protocl
    ( SNMP )
    TCP/IP protocl used to monitor ntwrk traffic
  79. SMTP
    Simple Mail transfr protocl used by email clients to send email msg to email servr & onto recipient's email servr
    • SMTP Authentc'n
    • improvd version of SMTP
    • (authentic8 1st client) b4 client tries to connct to email srvr to send email
    • based on Simple Authentic'n & Security Layer protocl
  81. static IP addrss
    permanent IP addrss manually assigned to comptr
  82. subnet
    grp of local ntwrks when several ntwrks are tied togethr in a subsytm of the larger intranet

    In TCP/IP v6     1+ links having the same 64-bits in 1st part of IP addrss "prefix"
  83. subnet ID
    • TCP/IP v6 last block (16 bits) in 64 bit prefix of IP addrss
    • subnet i.d. by using some/all of these 16 bits
  84. subnet mask
    • TCP/IP v4 tells Win if a remote computr is on same/diff network. It's 32-bits includes series of ones followed by zeroes
    • EX: 11111111.11111111.11110000.00000000
    • can be written as
    • 1's id netwrk & 0's i.d. host portion of IP address
  85. TCP
    • Transmiss'n Cntrl Protocl
    • protocl in TCP/IP
    • works @ OSI Transport Layer & estab session/connect'n btwn parties & guarantees packet delivry
  86. TCP/IP
    • Transmiss'n Cntrl Protocl/Internet Protocl
    • group/suite of protocls used by almost all ntwrks, includes Internet,
    • Responsibilities:
    • TCP- err checking transmissions
    • IP- routing
  87. Telnet
    TCP/IP protocol used by telnt client/server apps, allows adminstr/other user to control a comptr remotely
  88. Teredo
    • TCP/IPv6 tunneling protocl (name after worm bores holes in wood)
    • intended addresses always begin w/same 32-bit prefix (2001) & written as 2001::/32
  89. TKIP
    • Temporal Key Integrity Protocl
    • encrypt'n protocl used by WPA to secure wireless Wi-Fi ntwrk
  90. UDP
    • User Datagram Protocl
    • connct'nless TCP/IP protocl works@ OSI Transport Layer & doesn't require connct'n to send packet/guaran-t packet arrives @ destnat'n
    • common use: broadcasting to mult nodes on ntwrk/Internet
  91. unicast addrss
    TCP/IPv6, IP addrss assigned to single node on a ntwrk
  92. unique local (unicast) addrss
    • TCP/IPv6- I.D.s specific site w/n large org, can work mult links w/n same org
    • hybrid addrss btwn:
    • global unicast addrss- works on Internet
    • link-local unicast addrss- works on only 1 link
  93. VPN
    • virtual private network
    • security techniq uses encryptd data packets btwn private ntwrk & computr somewhere on Internet
  94. WEP
    • Wired Equivalent Privacy
    • Encrypt protocl, secures transmiss'ns on Wi-Fi wireless ntwrk; not considered secure cuz key used for encrypt'n is static (does'nt change)
  95. Wi-Fi
    • wirelss fidelity
    • common name for standards for wireless ntwrk as ddefined by IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
  96. WPS
    • Wi-Fi protected setup- method used to secure wireless ntwrk from outside attack
    • designed to make easier for users to connect their computr to wireless ntwrk when hard to remember SSID & security key are used
  97. wirelss accss pt
    wireless device cre8 & manages wireless network
  98. WWAN
    • wirelss wide area network
    • cellular ntwrk for comptrs & mobile devices using broadband
  99. WPA
    • Wi-Fi protected
    • data encrptd for wirelss ntwrks using TKIP & encrypt'n keys are changed @ set intervals while wireless LAN in use
    • *stronger than WEP*
  100. WPA-2
    • Wi-Fi protected accss 2
    • encrpt'n standard compliant w/IEEE802.11i
    • uses AES (Advancded Encrypt'n Standard) protocl
    • *currently strongest Wireless Encryption Standard
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