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  1. What does ISBAR stand for?
    • Identification
    • Situation
    • Background
    • Assessment
    • Response
  2. What is meant by 'co-morbidities'?
    Having more than one health condition. E.g. Hypertension, Type 2 DM, and obesity.
  3. What four leg exercises should you teach patients preoperatively?
    • Point and flex feet.
    • Roll ankles.
    • Bend and flex knees.
    • Lift legs.
  4. What type of medication isĀ temazepam?
    Benzodiazepine. A sedative used to relax patients before surgery. It is referred to as a preoperative medication.

    Normal dose 15mg orally. Highly addictive, short term use only. Awful withdrawal symptoms.
  5. If a patient is NBM can they take a pre-med orally?
    Yes, with no more than 30mLs of water.
  6. Can a 14yo give consent to medical treatment?
    No, a parent or guardian must provide consent except on emergency situations.
  7. What is gentamicin?
    Aminoglycoside (antibiotic).

    Treats bacterial infections.

    Dose: 2mg/kg IV/IM/topical 8hrly for 10-14 days.
  8. Can a nurse fill a consent form?
  9. What is a PCA machine?
    Patient Controlled Analgesia.
  10. What are the four phases of Tanner's model?
    Noticing, interpreting, responding, reflecting.
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