cranium bones - chapter 3

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  1. ***forms the anterior part of the skull and forehead
    ***frontal bone
  2. ***paired bones that form the sides of the cranium
    ***parietal bones
  3. ***forms the posteroinferior portion of the skull notable is a large hole at the ventral surface in this bone, theĀ foramen magnum, which allows brain communications with the spinal cord
    ***occipital bone
  4. paired bones that form the inferior two sides of the cranium
    temporal bones
  5. small, rounded protruding bone posterior to the ear (temporal bone)
    mastoid process
  6. anterior projection that forms the inferior protion of the cheek
    zygomatic process
  7. think, pointed projection at the base of the temporal bone that serves as a point of attachment for ligaments and muscles
    styloid process
  8. single, slievelike bone forming the roof and walls of the nasal cavity
    ethmoid bone
  9. thin, flat structure perforated by many foramina for the olfactory nerves
    cribiform plate
  10. bat- shaped bone that forms the internal base of the skull, giving shape to the orbits of the eyes
    sphenoid bone
  11. openings that allow the optic nerve to pass though
    optic foramina
  12. air-filled cavities that are named for the bone where they are located. each is lined with a mucous membrane
    paranasal sinuses
  13. u-shaped bone located in the neck and attached to the styloid process of the temporal lobe
    hyoid bone
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