Charadriiformes I

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  1. American Avocet (alt. plumage)
  2. American Avocet (basic plumage)
  3. Black-bellied Plover (alt. plumage)
  4. Black-bellied Plover (basic plumage)
  5. Black-necked Stilt
  6. Black Oystercatcher
  7. Killdeer
  8. Mountain Plover (alt. plumage)
  9. Mountain Plover (basic plumage)
  10. Semipalmated Plover (alt. plumage)
  11. Semipalmated Plover (basic plumage)
  12. Snowy Plover (alt. plumage)
  13. Snowy Plover (basic plumage)
  14. Spotted Sandpiper (alt. plumage)
  15. Spotted Sandpiper (basic plumage)
  16. Black Turnstone (alt. plumage)
  17. Black Turnstone (basic plumage)
  18. Dunlin (alt. plumage)
  19. Dunlin (basic plumage)
  20. Greater Yellowlegs (alt. plumage)
  21. Greater Yellowlegs (basic plumage)
  22. Least Sandpiper (alt. plumage)
  23. Least Sandpiper (basic plumage)
  24. Lesser Yellowlegs (alt. plumage)
  25. Lesser Yellowlegs (basic plumage)
  26. Long-billed Curlew
  27. Long-billed Dowitcher (alt. plumage)
  28. Long-billed Dowitcher (basic plumage)
  29. Marbled Godwit
  30. Red-necked Phalarope (alt. plumage) (female)
  31. Red-necked Phalarope (alt. plumage) (male)
  32. Red-necked Phalarope (basic plumage)
  33. Ruddy Turnstone (alt. plumage)
  34. Ruddy Turnstone (basic plumage)
  35. Sanderling (alt. plumage)
  36. Short-billed Dowitcher (alt. plumage)
  37. Short-billed Dowitcher (basic plumage)
  38. Surfbird (basic plumage)
  39. Wandering Tattler (alt. plumage)
  40. Wandering Tattler (basic plumage)
  41. Western Sandpiper (basic plumage)

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Charadriiformes I
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