English Vocabulary Words

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  1. 1. brushes off( verbal phrases)
    2. bursh past (verbal pharses)
    • 1. To refuse to listen to what someone says, or to refuse to think about something seriously
    • Example:-He just brushed off all their criticisms.
    • 2. To walk quickly past someone, usually because you do not want to speak to them
    • Example:- Ignoring their protests, Newman brushed past waiting journalists.
  2. pit sb/sth against sb/sth phrasal verb
    • to cause one person, group or thing to fight against or be in competition with another
    • Example:-It was a bitter civil war, that pitted neighbour against neighbour.
    • Source:- With the BJP pitting Vijender against three times chief Minister Shiela  Dixit his other identities taken a back seat
  3. pit your wits against sb/sth (idiom)
    • To see if you can be cleverer than someone or something
    • Example:-Would you like to pit your wits against our quiz champion?
  4. 1. Incumbent
    2. Incumbency
    3. Be Incumbent on/upon sb formal
    • 1.Officially having the named position
    • The incumbent president faces problems which began many years before he took office.
    • OR  person who has or had a particular official position
    • The present incumbent ( of the post) is due to retire next month.
    • 2.the period during which someone has a particular official position
    • During her incumbency ( as commissioner), several changes were introduced. 
    • 3.To be necessary for someone 
    • She felt it incumbent upon/on her to raise the subject at their meeting. 
    • SOURCE:- There was a anti incumbency for several year in her state. (Shila Dixit)
  5. Run the show(Idiom)
    • To be the leader, who is in control of a group of people doing something
    • If you need help, ask Mark - he's running the show.
    • Source:- She(Shila Dixit) is running the show with dummy MLA
  6. Chores
    • A job or piece of work which is often boring or unpleasant but needs to be done regularly
    • I find writing reports a real chore (= very boring) . 
    • Source:- I would not like to name any person who runs her chores in sates
  7. Meek
    • Quiet, gentle and not willing to argue or state your opinions in a forceful way/
    • She seemed so very meek and mild.
    • source:-Jaya slams center's 'meek and passive' approach on fisherman
  8. Indulge (verb)
    • 1. to allow yourself or another person to have something enjoyable, especially more than is good for you
    • The soccer fans indulged their patriotism, waving flags and singing songs.
    • 2.to give someone anything they want and not to mind if they behave badly
    • My aunt indulges the children dreadfully.
  9. Patriarch noun and Patriarchy
    • A male leader of a family or organisation or bishops
    • Patriarchy is a society in which male is the leader of family
    • source:-  BJP patriarch LK ADVANI
  10. Falling like ninepins
    • to be injured or falling in large number.
    • Here ninepines is a game in which bottle shape ninepines should be fall one stock
    • I have never seen so much injured players. They were falling in large number like ninepines.
  11. Wobble
    • 1. Not certain, means having two opinions,
    • The government can not wobble on this issue.
    • 2. Movement, shake or movement from side to side shows poor performance
    •  Do not wobble the table, Please
    • Source:- Shewag and Gambir out early  and Delhi wobbled 49 for Four
  12. chink in somebody armour [idiom]
    chink:- hole
    Armour:-Strong protective covering, especially for  body 
    • A fault in someone's character or argument that may cause problems for them
    • A single chink in our armour at the negotiating table means we could lose out badly.
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