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  1. Chi
    The interaction of the opposing forces of Yin and Yang.  Energy of life exists in all things.  It binds energy and matter together and is often referred to as "energy on the verge of becoming matter and matter on the verge of becoming energy."  It holds molecules in structure and because molecules are constatnly in a state of motion, in all matter whether alive or not, they consist of Chi.
  2. Jing
    Stored in the energetic aspect of the kidneys which creates life.
  3. Jing
    separates living from non-living
  4. Amount of ones Jing
    is set at birth
  5. Jing
  6. Jing
    Can be strengthened through meditative energetic exercises such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Yoga.
  7. Shen
    With the existence of Chi and Jing... the spirit of life provides consciousness.
  8. Shen
    often referred to as the Mind and stored in the Heart.  Shen offers the capacity for reasoning, analyzing and self reflection.
  9. Shen
    reflected in the personality
  10. Meridians
    are the fundamental physical pathways through which the Chi flows connecting superficial areas of the body to internal areas.
  11. Meridians
    Also referred to as channels, meridians are named according to the organ or system to which they are most directly connected.
  12. Meridians
    There are twelve organ (bilateral) meridians.
  13. Meridians
    There are two midline meridians: Conception and governing
  14. Meridian
    Each meridian is classifed as being either Yin or Yang and each meridian is paired with another meridian of the opposite type.
  15. Functions of the Meridains
    disruption of flow results in symptoms
  16. Functions of the Meridians
    • 1. Transportation of Chi and blood
    • 2. Regulating Yin and Yang
    • 3. Resisting pathogens and reflecting signs and symptoms (way chi protects body and immune system)
    • 4. Transmitting sensation and regulation of deficiency and excess conditions.
  17. Influences over Chi
    • 1. Seasonal Changes
    • 2. Stress (positive, negative,neutral)
    • 3. Physical activity
    • 4. Diet
  18. Yin
    • Works all the time.
    • Dense/solid
    • Transforms blood
  19. Yang
    • Works and rests
    • hollow
    • transforms nutrients
  20. Chi flows from one meridian to the next in an orderly fashion, making the circuit from
    • Chest to fingers
    • Fingers to face
    • face to feet
    • feet to chest
    • three times in 24 hours
  21. First Circuit
    • Lung 3-5am
    • Large Intestine 5-7am
    • Stomach 7-9am
    • Spleen 9-11am
  22. Second Circuit
    • Heart 11-1pm
    • Small Intestine 1-3pm
    • Bladder 3-5pm
    • Kidney 5-7pm
  23. Third Circuit
    • Pericardium 7-9pm
    • Triple Warmer 9-11pm
    • Gallbladder 11-1am
    • Liver 1-3am
  24. The Body Clock
    2 hour peak time: Heart: Responds to light
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