TherEx-Ch. 20

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  1. Hemiarthroplasty involves
    prosthetic femoral head and native acetabulum
  2. Hemiarthroplasty is reserved for what?
    • avascular necrosis
    • femoral head fracture
  3. hemiarthroplasty approach
  4. Signs and symptoms of Hip fx's
    • tenderness over anterior capsule and intertrochanteric region
    • affecting LE in ER and appears shorter
  5. Hip fx's typically seen in
    elderly women older than 75
  6. intertrochanteric fx's
  7. femoral neck fx's
    • intracapsular
    • compromise femoral head vascularity
    • leads to prosthetic replacement
  8. subtrochanteric fx's
    poorer blood supply than intertrochanteric fx
  9. types of subtrochanteric fx's
    • malunion
    • delayed union
    • nonunion
  10. ligamentum teres
    its vessels provide blood to femoral head
  11. ORIF healing time
    10-16 wks
  12. Max protection of ORIF
    • strengthen UE
    • limit WB
    • submaximal isometrics of quads, hams, glutes
  13. Contraindications during Max protection phase of ORIF
    • PNF
    • SLR
    • bridging
    • AVOID:
    • rotation and torque
  14. When is the Mod protection phase of ORIF
    weeks 3-6
  15. goals of Mod protection phase of ORIF
    • PWB->FWB
    • focus on hip and knee ROM
    • gait train with devices
  16. Exercises of Mod protection phase of ORIF
    • mini squats
    • heel raises
    • hip and knee ROM
  17. When is the Max protection phase of ORIF
    Days 1-21
  18. Prox femoral osteotomy is performed with what intention?
    to counteract position changes from degenerative joint disease
  19. DJD stands for?
    degenerative joint disease
  20. Goal of Prox femoral osteotomy
    change the femoral neck-shaft angle
  21. Max protection phase of Proximal Femoral Osteotomy involves:
    • limit WB to assistive device
    • limit hip add&abduction for 6 wks
    • aquatic therapy
    • pt education
  22. Mod protection phase of Prox femoral osteotomy
    • limit closed chain exercises
    • Initiate open chain exercises
    • stretching and ROM
  23. Min protection phase of prox femoral osteotomy
    progress to closed chain exercises and function activities
  24. most common hip dislocation
    posterior dislocation
  25. Avoid what motions with posterior dislocations
    • AVOID:
    • IR
    • flexion
  26. Avoid what motions with anterior dislocations
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