8. Families

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  1. A person or people that you are related to.
    • Your own flesh and blood
    • Saját véred
  2. (of two people) often have angry fights
    • Fight like cat and dog
    • Kutya macska barátság
  3. They don't like each other
    • There's little/no love lost between them
    • Kevés szeretet veszett el bennük
  4. People join together to proect themselves, especially when they are being criticized.
    • Close ranks
    • Zárt védelmi sorok
  5. Attack sb. suddenly and unexpectedly
    • Turn on sb
    • Hirtelen valaki ellen fordul
  6. Used to emphasize that sb is very unhappy
    • (as) miserable as sin
    • Nagyon szerencsétlen
  7. Be the explanation or cause of sg.
    • Account for sg
    • Számot ad, indokol
  8. Be so accustomed to sb that you don't appreciate them
    • Take sb for granted
    • Természetesnek, magától értetődőnek vesz
  9. Case a particular situation to happen.
    • Result in sg
    • Vezet valamire
  10. Admire sb so much that you do not see their faults.
    • Put sb on a pedestal
    • Piedesztálra tesz
  11. Do whatever you want without being stopped or punished.
    • Get away with murder
    • Megússza
  12. They are no longer included in sg that they were previously involved in.
    • Squeeze sb out
    • Kiszáll valamiből/valahonnan
  13. You do not have enough of sg that you need.
    • Starve sb of sg
    • Éhezik valamire
  14. Support sg/sb; say that what sb says or writes is true.
    • Back sg up
    • Segít, támogat
  15. Not include sb
    • Leave sb out
    • Kihagy, mellőz
  16. Become less involved or connected with sg.
    • Distance yourself from sg.
    • Elhatárolja magát valamitől
  17. Make a special effort to do sg.
    • Make a point of doing sg.
    • Hangsúlyt helyez valamire
  18. Give a lot, often too much, of sg to sb.
    • Lavish sg on sb
    • Eláraszt, elhalmoz valamivel
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