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  1. how many seconds are you supposed to wash your hands
    20 seconds
  2. what does GMP stand for
    good manufacturing practice
  3. what is one fact not true about grass fed beef to conventional fed
    they have a heavier mature weight
  4. what was the earliest form of preservation
  5. what was the act which was spurred by upton sinclaires novel the jungle?
    meat inspection act of 1906
  6. in jewish culture what is the term for meat products which are acceptable for consumption
  7. what is an acceptable food product/cut for consumption in the jewish culture
    beef forequarter
  8. which act required that "pre-slaughter stunning should render the animal insensible to pain"
    humane slaughter act
  9. which species benefits most from post mortem aging
  10. which sex of beef is expected to have the most fat and marbling
  11. which sex of pork is supposed to be the fattest
  12. which breed of swine led to an increase in the incidence of PSE in pork
  13. which breed is known for cutability than quality
  14. which type of muscle is mainly found in meat
  15. which type of muscel operates by volutary movement
  16. what is the highest value quality grade in beef
  17. what is the tertiary structure of myoglobin
  18. what causes rigor mortis to occur
    depletion of ATP
  19. the interaction of which two proteins are primarily responsible for the movement of contraction
    actin and myosin
  20. what is calcium's role in contraction
    binds to troponin to allow tropomyosin to move and myosin to bind to actin
  21. what is false of a late maturing animal
    they generally have more marbling than an early maturing animal of the same age
  22. what are the four phases of rigor mortis
    delay, onset, completion, resolution
  23. name the developments from the chicago meat industry
    cold cart shipping, dis-assembly line, first slaughterhouse
  24. is expected palatability better estimated by quality of cutability
  25. this bacteria can grow in cool places like drains and is a major concern in ready to eat meats, especially for pregnant women
    listeria monocytogenes
  26. this parasite will form cysts in tissue if it is ingested and was once a major concern in pork
    trichinella spiralis
  27. this is often used in the production of fermented meats and is known as a "good bacteria"
  28. this pathogen is a major concern in beef and can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome and bloody diarrhea. it is also responsible for many of the large recalls in the meat industry
    escherichia coli
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