Unit 2.2 Maintenance Management

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  1. What is the purpose of the initial evaluation?
    Determine which tasks individual is or is not qualified to do.
  2. As a trainer, what is your responsibility in cases where a newcomer is qualified on a task required for the new work center?
    Verify their qualifications to ensure they are still proficient to perform the task
  3. What is the purpose of a GAS (Graduate Assessment Survey)?
    • Enables you to tell the tech school how they are doing.
  4. What is a CFETP?
    • Career Field Education Training Plan - training document that identifies life cycle education and training requirements, training support resources, care and home station training, and development/unit type code (UTC) task requirements for an AF specialty
  5. What type of information is found in Part I of the CFETP?
    Info necessary for overall management of the specialty
  6. In what part and section of the CFETP do you find information that identifies the duties, tasks, and technical references to support training?
    Part II, Section A
  7. What is TBA?
    • AF portal, web based app providing AF personnel real-time visibility of qualifications, certificates, and status of training.
  8. What is the purpose of TBA?
    • Allows users access to training related information currently maintained in many different places that are not readily accessible
  9. What is the description of the training manager's role in TBA?
    • This role has an oversight over an organization
  10. (TBA) Who is ultimately responsible for the people assigned?

  11. (TBA) Who has the most capability in TBA?
    Work Center Supervisor
  12. (TBA) All users will have access to this role:
  13. (TBA) Who manages one or more work center?
    Flight Chief
  14. (TBA) Who initiates task authentication within the ITP?
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