Ecology Chapter 4

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  1. Why is having biodiversity among species so important to the planet ?
    The biodiversity found in genes, species, ecosystems, and  ecosystem process is vital to sustaining life on earth.
  2. The variety of the earths species, the genes they contain , the ecosystem in which they live, and the ecosystem processes such as energy  flow and nutrient cycling that sustain all life
  3. The most obvious, but not the only component of biodiversity
    Species Diversity
  4. The earths variety of species contains an even greater variety of genes
    genetic diversity
  5. the earth's variety of deserts, grassland, forest, mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, and wetland is another major component of biodiversity
    ecosystem diversity
  6. the variety of matter processes such as matter cycling and energy flow taking place within ecosystems
    functional diversity
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