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  1. Nagel's rule
    Standard to predict length of pregnancy. 1st day of LMP - 3 months + 7 days
  2. EDD
    Expected date of delivery
  3. Gravida
    Woman who is/has been pregnant
  4. Para
    number of pregnancies that reached VIABILITY
  5. NUlligravida
    Woman who has never been pregnant
  6. Primigravida
    Woman who is pregnant for 1st time
  7. Multigravida
    Woman who has been pregnant more than once
  8. Nullipara
    Woman who hasnt completed a pregnancy past point of viability
  9. Primipara
    1 pregnancy that reached age of viability
  10. Multipara
    More than 1 pregnacy that reached point of viability
  11. TORCH Infections
    Toxoplasmosis, Other (syphilis, varicella) Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex
  12. Normal FHR
    120-160 bpm
  13. Major S/e of lumbar epidural
  14. Maternal BP in mild preeclampsia
  15. Maternal BP in severe preeclampsia
  16. Mag sulfate is used to tx
    Preeclampsia and can also reduce BP, can tx preterm labor
  17. Therapeutic maternal serum magnesium levels are
    4-8 mg/dL
  18. Antagonis of mag sulfate is
    Calcium; keep an amp at bedside if pt on mag sulfate
  19. What to assess postpartum
    BUBBLEHE: breasts, uterus, blader, bowels, lochia, episiotomy, Homan's, emotions
  20. How to perform Homan's test
    Press down on pt knee and have her dorsiflex foot. Should NOT be paniful.
  21. UTerine findings postpartum
    firm and midline. Height should decrease U+1, U-1
  22. When do PP blues occur and how long last?
    3-4 days PP, subsides by week 2 PP
  23. What does REEDA scale evlauate?
    Perineal healing; higher total score--worse the perineum
  24. What does REEDA scale stand for?
    Redness, edmea, ecchymosis, discharge, approximation
  25. Apgar scoring systen best score
  26. APgar assesses for:
    HR, respiratory effort, muscle tone, reflex irritability, color
  27. Initial newborn assessment
    RATS GUS: Respirations, apical pulse, temp, skin color, gestational age, umbilical cord, sole creases
  28. What do we put on eyes as prophylaxis against Gonorrhea and Chlamydia
    erythromycin opthalmic ointment within 1-2 hrs of birth. Required by law.
  29. What do we give newborns for clotting factors
    Vitamin K injection in vastus lateralis
  30. DIscuss Hep B vaccine
    Requries parental consent. Need 3 doses. Admin in VL
  31. HBIG is..
    Hep B Immunoglobin. Done to infants born to HbsAg Pos mothers. One dose within 12 hrs of birth
  32. Cephalhematoma
    Collection of blood btwn cranial bone and periosteal membrane that doesnt cross sutures and disappears p 2-3 wks-months
  33. Caput succedaneum
    Collection of fluid-scalp swelling; crosses sutures and present at birth. Reabsorbed wthin few days
  34. When does physiologic jaundice occur?
    AFTER first 24 hrs
  35. When does bilirubin levels peak in infants?
    3-5 days
  36. Max bilirubin levels udring 1st week of life
  37. When does breastmilk jaundice occur
    After 4th day of mature breast milk
  38. Peak of bilirubn for breastmilk jaundice and when occurs
    20-25; 2-3 weeks
  39. Babkinski reflex
    Stroking on sole elecits fanning & extension of toes
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