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  1. Where is Thomson Bay
    South of Mushroom Rock and North West of Kingstown Spit
  2. Where is Mushroom Rock
    North of Thomson Bay and South of Bathhurst Point
  3. Where is Bathhurst Point
    North Eastern Corner, East of the Basin and North of Mushroom Rock
  4. Where is the Basin
    West of Bathhurst Point and East of Longreach Bay
  5. Where is Geordie Bay
    West of Longreach Bay and East of Parakeet Bay
  6. Where is Parakeet Bay
    West of Geordie Bay and East of Little Armstrong Bay
  7. Where is Little Armstrong Bay
    West of Parakeet Bay and East of Armstrong Rock
  8. Where is Armstrong Rock
    West of Little Armstrong Bay and North East of Catherine Bay
  9. Where is Catherine Bay
    West of Armstrong Rock and North East of City of York Bay
  10. Where is City of York Bay
    South West of Catherine Bay and North East of Ricey Beach
  11. Where is Ricey Beach
    South West of City of York Bay and North East of Crayfish Rock
  12. Where is Crayfish Rock
    South West of Ricey Beach and North of Stark Bay
  13. Where is Stark Bay
    South of Crayfish Rock and North East of Rocky Bay
  14. Where is Rocky Bay
    On the North side of Narrow Neck, South East of Stark Bay and East of Abraham Point. Not to be confused with Rocky Bay in the Swan River.
  15. Where is Abraham Point
    North West of Rocky Bay and North East of Marjorie Bay
  16. Where is Marjorie Bay
    South West of Abraham Point and North East of Mabel Cove
  17. Where is Mabel Cove
    South West of Majorie Bay and North East of Eagle Bay
  18. Where is Eagle Bay
    South West of Mabel Cove and East of Cathedral Rocks
  19. Where is Cathedral Rocks
    West of Eagle Bay and North of Cape Vlamingh. North end of West End
  20. Where is Cape Vlamingh
    At the South Side of West End. South of Cathedral Rocks and West of Fish Hook Bay
  21. Where is Fish Hook Bay
    East of Cape Vlamingh and West of Radar Reef
  22. Where is Radar Reef
    East of Fish Hook Bay and South West of Wilson Bay
  23. Where is Wilson Bay
    North East of Radar Reef and South West of South Point
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