Ch 16 Key Terms

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  1. 100BaseT
    • Ethernet standard, oper8s @ 100 Mbps & uses twisted-pair cabling up to 100meters (328 ft)
    • Also called Fast Ethrnet
    • Variations:100BaseTX  &  100BaseFX
  2. 4G
    • (4th generat'n)
    • cell can: browse web, stream music & video, play online games, instant msg, & video conferencing
    • *fastest speed for cellular data
  3. ad hoc mode
    type of physical arrangmt of connect'n btwn comptrs where ea wireless comptr serves as it's own wireless access pt. & is responsble for securing ea connect'n
  4. bandwidth
    • rel8s to analog communc'n; range of frequencies commun. channel/cable can carry
    • gen use- vol. of data that travels on bus/over cable stated in: bits per sec (bps), kilobits per sec (Kbps) & megabits per sec (Mbps)
    • "throughput/line speed"
  5. base stat'n
    fixed transceiver & antenna used to cr8 1 cell w/n cellular ntwrk
  6. bridge
    device stands btwn 2 segmts of ntwrk & manages ntwrk traffic btwn them
  7. bus ntwrk
    older topology where all computrs connected in sequential line
  8. cable Internet
    broadband technol-g uses cable tv line & is always connected
  9. CDMA
    Code ÷ Mult. Accss- protocl standard used by cellular WANs & cell phones
  10. cellular ntwrk
    • ntwrk can be used when wireless ntwrk must cover a wide area
    • ntwrk made up of cells, ea contrlled by base stat'n
    • "cellular WAN"
  11. coaxial cable
    cable has single copper wire down middle and braided shield around it
  12. DSL
    • Digital Subscriber Line
    • telephone line carries data from end to end & used as type of broadband Internet Accss
  13. fiber optic
    dedic8d, leased line used for Internet accss, uses fiber optic cables from ISP to a residence/ place of business
  14. fiber optic cable
    transmits signals as pulses of light over glass/plastic strands inside protected tubing
  15. fully connected mesh topology
    ntwrk where ea node connects to every nodeo ntwrk
  16. Gigabit Ethernet
    version of Ethernet, supports rates of data transfer up to 1 gigabit per sec
  17. GSM
    • Global System for Mobile Communic'n
    • open standard for cellular WANS & cell phones;
    • uses digital communc'n of data & is accepted & used world wide
  18. hub
    ntwrk device/box provides central locat'n to connect cables & distributes incoming data packets to all other devices connected to it
  19. hybrid ntwrk
    ntwrk where star ntwrk uses mult switches in sequence, & switches form a bus ntwrk
  20. Internet appliance
    type of thin client designed to make easier for user to connect to Internet, browse web, use email & perform other simple chores on internet
  21. ISP
    • Internt Servc Providr
    • commercial grp provides Internet accss for mthly fee
  22. ISDN
    • Integr8d Servcs Digital Ntwrk
    • broadband telephone line carries data 5x speed as regular telephone lines.
    • 2 channels (tele #s) share a single pair of wires
    • replaced by DSL
  23. LAN
    local area ntwrk- covers small area, usually w/n 1 building
  24. latency
    delays in ntwrk transmission resulting in slower ntwrk performance; measured by round-trip time it takes for data packet to travel from source to destinat'n & back to source
  25. line-of-site connectivity
    • conncet'n used by satellites
    • requires no obstruct'n from mountains, trees, tall buildings from the satellite dish to satellite
  26. MAN
    • Metropolitan Area Ntwrk
    • ntwrk covers large city/ campus
  27. mesh ntwrk
    Ea node (computr/other device) that uses the ntwrk is responsible for sending & receiving transmiss'ns to any other node to which it wants to communic8 w/central pt of communicat'n
  28. NAS
    • Ntwrk Attached Storage
    • device provides mult bays for hard drives & an Ethernet port to connect to ntwrk
    • device likely to support RAID
  29. NIC
    • Ntwrk Interface Card
    • expans'n card plugs into computr's mothrboard & provides port (back of card) to connect comptr to a ntwrk
    • "ntwrk adaptr"
  30. PAN
    • Personal Area Ntwrk
    • small ntwrk consists of personal devices @ close range.
    • includes: cell phones, PDAs, & notebook comptrs
  31. Power over Ethernet   (PoE)
    feature might be avail on high-end ntwrk adapters, allows power to be transferred over Ethernet cable to remote devices
  32. QoS
    • Quality of Service
    • Win ntwrk hardware devices use to improve ntwrk performance for an app not getting best ntwrk performance
    • VoIP requires high QoS
  33. RJ-11 Jack
    • phone line/connect'n port found on modems, telephones, & house phone outlets
    •  RJ (registered jack)
  34. RJ-45
    port looks like large phone jack & used by twisted-pair cable to connect to a wired ntwrk adapter/other hardware device
  35. ring ntwrk
    netwrk where nodes form a ring
  36. star ntwrk
    ntwrk config uses centralized device (such as switch/hub) to manage traffic on the ntwrk
  37. switch
    • device used to connect nodes on ntwrk in star ntwrk topology
    • segmnts ntwrk to improve ntwrk performance by deciding which ntwrk segmnt is to receive a packet on the basis of packet's destinat'n MAC address
  38. topology
    physical arrangmnt of connect'ns btwn computers in a ntwrk
  39. twisted-pair cabling
    cabling, such as ntwrk cable, uses pairs of wires twisted together to reduce crosstalk
  40. VoIP
    TCP/IP protocl & app provides voice communc'n over Internet (or phone if it's a VoIP phone)
  41. Wake on Lan
    config a computr to respond to ntwrk activity when it's in sleep state
  42. WAN
    • Wide Area Ntwrk
    • Ntwrk/grp of ntwrwks spanning large geographical area
  43. wireless LAN
    • WLAN
    • LAN transmits data over infrared/ radio waves
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