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  1. takes how long for follicle selection and development
    3 months
  2. Grathian follice
    Follice that completely matures
  3. Chorion frondosum
    shaggy chorion; goes away
  4. Chorion leave
    Smoothe side
  5. Decidus basalis
    True decidus
  6. Chadwick’s sign
    Blue/purple coloration
  7. Hegar’s sign
    softening of lower uterine segment (6-8 gestational weeks)
  8. Uterine souffle
    soft, blowing sound. Same as maternal pulse. It’s the blood going thru the uterine vascularization & blood going through the placenta
  9. Funic souffle
    blood going through the fetal arteries
  10. Preembryonic phase of fetal develop
    1st 14 days of human development following fertilization
  11. Embryonic phase of fetal develop
    Day 15-week 8 after conception
  12. Fetal phase of fetal develop
    From 8 weeks until delivery.
  13. On day 23
    the neural tube closes; need a lot of folic acid
  14. Syndactyl
    webbed digits
  15. Polydactly
    extra digit
  16. Linea nigra
    Darker skin that'll go away
  17. Stria gravia
    Stretch marks
  18. Calasma
    “mask” of pregnancy
  19. Montgomery’s tubicules
    become more prominent in pregnancy & secrete stuff. Little white things on nipples.
  20. Physiologic anemia
    RBC count increases, but plasma vol increases MORE
  21. McDonald's rule
    Size of the belly—fundul height should be +/- 2 weeks of the gestational weeks
  22. Leopold's manuevers
    Point to feel around for baby parts to figure out where to listen to fetal HR
  23. Weeks when most succeptible to teranagens
    weeks 3-8
  24. Tetracycline can lead to
    discolered teeth
  25. Ideal weight gain
    25-35 lbs
  26. If gain more than _/wk then worried about _
    5lbs; preeclampsia b/c it's edema
  27. For Pica pts we need to check
    H&H and possibly rx supplemental iron
  28. Negel's rule
    From date of LMP: take month and - 3; take date and add 7
  29. Early amnio
    genetic defects, gender. 15-20 weeks
  30. Late amnio
    Assess lung maturity
  31. Drug to help lungs mature
  32. Drug to prevent Rh issues
  33. Reactive nonstress test
    Qbaby movement, fetal HR increases
  34. Nonreactive nonstress test
    Qbaby movement, fetal HR does not increase
  35. Nonreactive nonstress test is (bad or good)
  36. Positive stress test is (bad or good)
  37. Negative stress test is (bad or good)
  38. Decels mean that:
    Fetal HR dropped
  39. Early decels are (bad or good)
  40. Variable decels are (bad or good)
    Iffy. Can turm mom on side in case baby on her vena cava
  41. Late decels are (bad or good)
    Bad. Turn mom on side and apply O2
  42. pH test on vagina after "water breaks"
    Blue means basic and blue means baby. B/c urine is acidic, but amnio is basic.
  43. Best fetal attitude
    Want the head tucked
  44. Best fetal lie
    Vertical w/mother. Not transverse
  45. What does breach mean
    Baby's butt is down, instead of his head
  46. Transverse lie is (bad or good)
    Not good to deliver
  47. How much will pt dilate
    up to 10 cms
  48. How much will pt efface
  49. What is effacement
    When the internal and external os widen
  50. Stage 1 of labor is defined as
    dilated <10cms.
  51. Stage 1 latent phase is defined as
    Dilated 1-4 cms. Mom very talkative and happy.
  52. Stage 1 active phase is defined as
    4-8 cms dilated
  53. Stage 1 transition phase is defined as
    Dilated 8-10 cms. Mom is pissed.
  54. Stage 2 of labor is called the
    Expulsive phase
  55. Stage 2 is defined as
    Dilated 10+ cms - delivery of baby
  56. Stage 3 is defined as
    Delivery of baby to deliv of placenta
  57. When are epidurals given
    WHen pt dilated 4-6 cms
  58. Bishop's score indicates
    Cervical readiness
  59. Go to hospital when contractions aer q__mins
  60. What is preeclampsia
    Pt at risk for seizures
  61. What is eclampsia
    Pt had a seizure
  62. Nonpharm tx for preeclampsia
  63. Pharm tx for preeclampsia
    RL with Mag Sulf PB
  64. General postpartum assessment
    BUBBLEHEN: breasts, uterus, bladder, bowel, lochia, epistiostomy, homan's, emotions, nutrition
  65. Tx for boggy uterus
    Massage it
  66. When does lochia stop
    4-6 PP weeks
  67. Assessment for epistiostomy site
    REEDA: redness, edema, ecchymosis, discharge, approximation
  68. Assessment immed after birth
    V/S esp pulse and BP
  69. How often to do BUBBLE HEN
    q15 mins for 1st hr PP. Then normally q12hrs
  70. Fetal circulation
    Arteries take blood TO heart. Backwards.
  71. Newborn care
    Suction, admin O2, APGAR score
  72. Required shot for newborn
    Vit K
  73. Optional shot for newborn
    Hep B
  74. Nursery assesses newborn for
    weight, length, chest, abd, put in warmer, vitals
  75. Newborn temps
    1st is rectal, then apical. 97-99 is good
  76. Newborn resp range
  77. Newborn pulse
  78. Tx if baby jaundiced
    Put under lights. Drink more and pee more to get exess billirub out
  79. Blood tests for newborm
    DM, PKU, thyroid
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