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  1. Grumpy
    • Easily annoyed and complaining
    • I hadn't had enough sleep and was feeling a bit grumpy. a grumpy old man 
    • Source:-  grumpy Magnus Carlesen
    • Type Adjective 
    • Adverb:- grumpily
  2. Confront
    • 1. To face or deal with a difficult situation or person
    • As she left the court she was confronted by the angry crowd.
    • Source:- Former chief confronted with statement made by former director of IB
    • Type:- Verb

  3. Pre-empt 
    Adjective = ???
    • To do or say something before someone so that their  words or action becomes unnecessary  
    • Minister held a press conference in order to pre-empt criticism in news paper
    • We have to work hard to pre-empt the failures
    • Source:- An embarkment will be build in Jamu-Pak border to pre-empt infiltration 
    • Type:- Verb
    • Adjective - pre-emptive
    • describing something that is done before others can act in order to prevent to do something

    RBI increase the interest rate as a pre-emptive measure against the inflation

    Students complete their home work as a pre-emptive action against teacher's punishment
  4. Amicus curiae
    Image Upload 1
    • A person with strong interest in or views on the subject matter of an action, but not a party to the action, may petition the court for permission to file a brief, ostensibly on behalf of a party but actually to suggest a rationale consistent with its own views. 
    • On December-16 gang rape case court said "they are running away from court and they warned they will appoint the amicus curiae"
  5. Rebellion
    • 1.Violent action organized by a group of people who are trying to change the political system in their country
    • Rebellion of AAP against the Government
    • source:- Rebellion of BJP is out as major leaders like Balli and Savita Gupta joins others party
    • Type:- Noun
    • Adjective:- (Rebellious) If a group of people are rebellious, they oppose the ideas of the people in authority and plan to change the system, often using force 
    • ORIf a group of people are rebellious, they oppose the ideas of the people in authority and plan to change the system, often using force 
  6. Sporadic
    Type:- ?
    • happening sometimes; not regular or continuous
    • a sporadic electricity supply
    • Source:- Sporadic rain in New Delhi decrease the dengue case.
    • A spordadic rain come when Ankur, Lucky and I meet after a long time.
    • Adverb sporadically 
  7. In the dock (Idiom)
    Dock= a place where accused seat in a crimnal court
    Dock= a tree in British
    Dock= a place in port where ship is repaired  or goods are replaced 
    Image Upload 2
    • When someoneis in the dock then he is on trial in court or under scrutiny
    • Source:- Dhananjay Singh is in the dock for the case his wife kill domestic help 
  8. Abrasion
    • A process by which surface is rubbing away of surface
    • OR
    • A place where surface is rubbed away like skin
    • A small abrasion on her knee.
    • Rakhi (domestic help) have 30-40 abrasion on her body.
    • Adjective:- Abrasive:- rude and unfriendly
    • You found abrasive in meeting.
    • Adverb:-Abrasively
  9. A thorn in the flesh
    A persistent difficult situation
  10. find your feet
    • become familiar
    • Amid slow revival in popularity George Bush find his feet in self imposed exile.
  11. Exile
    a condition of someone being sent away from their own country, village, etc
  12. Ripple
    Image Upload 3
    • 1. a wave on surface of the water
    • 2. a sound the spread person to person or group to group that become increasing then slower
    • Source:- Shock wave rippled accros the Europe last week when 1,500 paintings that Nazi have plundered in 1930 were discovered in Germany
  13. Plunder
    • To steel something especially during war
    • Nazis plundered the art works of jew
  14. Obsession 
    • something or someone that you think all the time
    • Type:- noun
    • Adjective:- Obsessive 
    • Adverbs:- Obsessively 
    • He always wanted to find his natural mother but recently becomes an obsession
  15. Denigrate
    • to say something or someone is less important
    • Type :- verb
    • Do not denigrate the people because they have different beliefs then you have.
  16. Ostensible
    • Appearing or claiming something to be one when it is really something else
    • Type:- Adjective
    • Politician promise was only ostensible promise for vote.
    • Adverb:-Ostensibly 
    • Ostentatious :-showing your money or power to get admire by other
    • The ostentatious lifestyle is criticized by others.
  17. Pan out or panned out(Idiom)
    • Zoom out means to moves to a wider look
    • or be successful way

    Well it is not a pan out!
  18. Ironic 
    Type:- ??
    Adverb:= ??
    • Strange,Interesting, or funny because it is different what you expecting.
    • It is Ironic, government is still going against the law

    showing that you really opposed what you say and what are you doing

    An ironic comment

    Adverb:- Ironically
  19. Blonde
    Blonde have more fun(Idiom)
    • with yellow gold hair or a woman with yello hair
    • Type :- noun
    • Idiom:- man are more attracted with blonde woman
  20. Ridicule  
    • Unkind words or actions that makes someones or something look stupid 
    • Type noun
    • He is become object of redicule
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