2011 nutrition exam revision

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  1. explain one physical role in the stomach
    stomach walls churn food, allowing it to mix with enzymes and acid to breakdown food in to smaller particles creating chyme
  2. chemical role in stomach
    the stomach releases pepsin and HCL to begin digestion of protein
  3. site of digestion for lactose
    small intestine
  4. describe one Basal metabolic process
    maintaining normal body temperature, is a process ensuring only minimal energy is used to cool or heat the body to an acceptable temperature
  5. functions of chloesterol
    contribute to cell membrane structure
  6. dietary strategy to remove cholesterol
    soluble fibre decreases saturated fat intake.
  7. explain the benefits to an individual of knowing and understanding his or her BMI
    bowing your BMI can alert you to the fact you are overweight, or are becoming close to overweight, one of the main benefits of knowing your BMI is knowing how easy it is to track your progress as you gain or loose weight
  8. physiological factors that could be contributing to the elderly mans body weight (underweight)
    loss of appetite, limiting kilojoules consumed leading to weight loss and less exercise leads to loss of muscle tissue which contributes to body weight
  9. nutrition reasons of how the elderly man can reduce anaemia (vegies, legumes and fruit)
    eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and legumes as they are all high in fibre, preventing constipation and vegetables, legumes and fruit are all high in a range of vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) to assit preventing diet related disorders such as anaemia.
  10. method of food preservation for milk and why
    asceptic packaging - does not allow for oxygen to enter the package preventing bacterical multiplication and is light in weight and strong making it easy to carry and prevent damage
  11. 1 function of vitamin C
    resist infection
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