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  1. name 2 dietary guidelines and state how they assist an individual to maintain a healthy BMI
    • eat plenty of fruit, veg and legumes nutrient rich food and not high in energy as it will ensure a healthy BMI
    • eat plenty of cereals, pasta, rice and noodles high in fibre and are filling preventing over eating, a diet where a person can remain in a healthy BMI
  2. describe two reasons why the dietary guidelines may not be a complete success when making changes to a diet
    • no serving sizes are provided
    • the large variety of foods makes it difficult to choose
  3. 2 similarities between the food pyramid and pie chart
    • both cover the 5 food groups
    • given an indication of what should be eaten
    • both indicate that water is essential
  4. 2 differences between food pyramid and piechart
    • pyramid includes exercise and salt, AHEG doesn't
    • the pyramid includes extra foods in its triangle compared to the pie chart having is separate.
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