2009 exam answers

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  1. describe two situations that lead to an increased need for fluid
    • climate conditions such as high temperatures and humidity increases, increasing the need for fluid as more is lost from the body through perspiration and sweat in the conditions
    • vomiting and diarrhoea as water is lost from the digestive tract fluid inside cells is lost as it moves from inside the cell to restore balance in the extracellular compartment
  2. three conditions needed for bacteria to multiply
    • warm temp (between 5 and 60 degrees)
    • time, 4 hours room temp is considered unsafe
    • available nutrients such sugars or proteins are required for bacteria to multiply
  3. 2 groups likely to develop anaemia
    • menstruating women
    • vegans
  4. discuss one of the reasons why the Australia government has invested numerous resources in healthy eating such as measure up or 2 and 5
    reduction in the quality of life or individuals and can impact on their opportunities contribute to society and raise families
  5. two functions of protein in the body
    • synthesizes antibodies
    • enabling muscle contraction and movement
  6. mechanical process of protein the body
    the muscles living in the stomach churn food which mixes gastric juices to produce chyme
  7. chemical process of protein in the body
    the enzyme pepsin starts the breakdown of protein into smaller chains of amino acids
  8. describe difference in protein requirements for children  boys (14 - 18) and women (51 - 70)
    • children - less physical size than the others groups as less protein is required to maintain normal growth of muscles bone and tissue
    • boys - RDI significantly higher because the rapid growth and major physical changes, also required for hormonal increase eg. sex hormones
    • womens - lower than boys but higher than children as they no longer require protein for growth but still require it for antibody production and muscle contraction and relaxation - menopause
  9. variables that should be held constant (dip) (3)
    • humidity - temperature
    • amount of dip is same and equal
    • serving instrament is indential for all tasters
    • all food is from the same set
    • the amount of light and oxygen the food is exposed too
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