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  1. VOR stations are subject to _______ restrictions
  2. VORTAC stations transmit in a ______ scheme which allows the VOR portion to be received by the T-6A VOR receiver.
    frequency pairing
  3. VOR/TACAN station are oriented to _______.
    magnetic north
  4. Flight instruments consist of three systems:
    • Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIS)
    • Air Data System (ADS)
    • Standby instruments
  5. The AHRS DG position allows what:
    the EHSI to become a compass card with inaccurate heading information
  6. Slew control, controls what?
    works only with AHRS in the DG position. allows movement of the compass card (CW or CCW)
  7. The airspeed, altimeter and VSI get there data from what?
    Air Data Computer (ADC), over ADC channels A and B
  8. Two independent pitot static systems. Which side is the primary pitot static system on?
    Right wingtip, static ports L and R fuselage
  9. ADC does not correct for _____, ______,_____
    temperature, position, instrument error
  10. Standby instruments receive pitot/static information from where?
    Secondary pitot/static system; Left wingtip, static ports L/R fuselage
  11. EHSI and EIDs (airspeed, Altitude, VSI) are on what bus?
  12. ADC is located on what bus?
  13. EADI is on what bus?
  14. standby instruments are on what bus?
  15. The electronic instrument displays (EID) receive sensor data from the _____.
    air data computer (ADC)
  16. EADI and EHSI operate in the enroute mode and the approach mode based on what?
    based on the active navigation sensor selected on the RMU
  17. Enroute mode of EADI displays what?
    • Roll scale and sky pointer indicates L/R bank
    • Pitch scale- 2.5° increments w/in 30° of horizon; 5° increments from 30-85 from horizon
    • simulated horizon line
    • fixed amber a/c reference
    • Rate of Turn on bottom
  18. When does the EADI declutter in unusual a/c attitudes?
    • Pitch: +30° or -20°
    • Roll: 65°
    • Recovery: -5° on both pitch and roll
  19. When does the EADI declutter in unusual a/c attitudes and present red chevrons?
    Pitch > 40-90° nose low/high
  20. Enroute or approach mode, the EHSI has five displays, what are they?
    • DG only
    • HSI compass rose
    • HSI map
    • ARC compass rose
    • Expanded Navigation map
  21. Image Upload
    What mode is the EHSI in?
  22. Image Upload
    Pulling out the HDG knob does what?
    Resets the HDG bug to the present a/c heading
  23. Image Upload
    Pulling out the CRS knob does what?
    resets the CRS pointer and digital course readout to a direct course to the selected NAVAID or waypoint
  24. Image Upload
    HSI button does what?
    • toggles between Nav data page and DG data page
    • returns to HSI normal mode
  25. Image Upload
    What does the NAV button do?
    selects between navigational sensor, NAVAID/GPS, with or without TTG or GS
  26. Image Upload
    Bearing pointer selector does what?
    • controls which navigational source is displayed on the associated EHSI bearing pointer
    • Declutter mode - removes associated bearing pointer from display
  27. Image Upload
    What does the MAP button do?
    • displays navigational map mose: course and range circle
    • GPS: Waypoints, w/ ground stations, w/ airports, w/ both ground stations and airportsImage Upload
  28. Image Upload
    RNG buttons?
    • increase range/ decrease range
    • Number indicates radius of circle
  29. Image Upload
    ARC button does what?
    presents a large scale view showing 85° of the compassImage Upload
  30. How do you get the EADI in composite mode?
    press the CMP button, lower left cornerImage Upload
  31. what does the EADI and EHSI look like in approach mode?
    Image Upload
  32. electric flight instruments is on what bus?
    generator; ASI, VVI, ALTM
  33. The attitude indicator needs to be caged and locked when?
    • prior to applying power to the instrument (before engine start) or
    • prior to removing power (engine shutdown)
  34. Image Upload
    How long will this continue to operate and within what limitations, given a battery failure?
    nine minutes; indications within 6°
  35. Compass readings are only accurate when?
    level, unaccelerated flight
  36. All standby instruments are on what bus?
    battery; GRYRO, ALTM, TURN RT
  37. Instrument lights (STBY INST) are on what bus?
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