OChem Ch 5 Stereochemistry part 2 (enantiomer, chiral, achiral, stereoisomer)

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  1. in fischer projections, horizontal lines represent ____
  2. in fischer projections, each cross represents a(n) ____ ____
    asymetric carbon
  3. for what types of molecules would you use fischer projections? why?
    molecules that have several asymmetric carbons, b/c then it is easier to see the stereochemistry of the molecule
  4. What are the types of isomers?
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  5. when drawing a fischer projection, what chemical species usually go on the vertical axes?
    the carbon chain is typically drawn on the certical like of the fischer projection, usually with the uipac numbering from top to bottom. in mst cases, this numbering places the most highly oxidized carbon substituent on the top
  6. how do you calculate the maximum number of isomers possible for a molecule with n number of asymmetric carbons?
    2n= max. number of isomers
  7. what is a meso compound?
    an achiral member of a set of diastereomers, some of which are chiral
  8. What do D,(R), L, and (S) symbolize?
    They represent absolute configurations of molecules. D and (R) are the same and L and (S) are the same.
  9. how does chemical resolution of enantiomers work?
    add an enantiomerically pure natural product that bonds with the compound to be resolved. When the enantiomers of the racemic compound bond to the pure resolving agent, a pair of diastereomers results.
  10. how does chromatographic resolution of enantiomers work?
    enantiomers can be resolved by passing the racemic mixture through a column containing particles whose surface is coated with chiral molecules. As the solution passes through the column, the enantiomers forms weak complexes with the column packing. One enantiomer complexes more readily with the column packing than the other enantiomer, which allows for the two enantiomers to separate.
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OChem Ch 5 Stereochemistry part 2 (enantiomer, chiral, achiral, stereoisomer)
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OChem Stereochemistry part enantiomer chiral achiral stereoisomer

OChem Ch 5 Stereochemistry part 2 (enantiomer, chiral, achiral, stereoisomer)
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