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  1. AOA computer receives inputs from_____,____, and ______.
    AOA vane (left wingtip), flap position microswitch, landing gear (when extended)
  2. Max range on AOA gauge?
    4.9 units (lower white triangle)
  3. Max endurance on AOA gauge?
    8.8 units (top white diamond)
  4. Normal approach speed on AOA gauge?
    10-11 units, green arch
  5. Stall on AOA gauge?
    • 18 units, red radial
    • stick shaker 15-16 units (5-10 knots above stall)
  6. Amber donut on AOA indexer represents what?
    • normal approach speed at max landing weight
    • decrease approach speed by 1knot/100lbs used
  7. what does the green chevron on AOA indexer indicate?
    AOA is too hight (slow approach speed)
  8. what does the red chevron indicate on the AOA indexer?
    AOA is too low (fast approach speed)
  9. AOA system power is on what bus?
  10. AOA anti-ice is on what bus?
  11. Aural warning tone is on what bus?
  12. All Integrated Data Acquisition Recording System (IDARS) functions are ____ ____
    software controlled
  13. IDARS includes:
    recorder, data transfer module & receptacle, Mx annunciator, Mx connector
  14. FDR is located in the _____.
    left avionics bay
  15. what is the data transfer module (DTM)?
    • portable memory cartridge used for digital information storage, loading and retrieval
    • storing IAT (individual a/c tracking), structures, engine, documentary, BIT
  16. what is the data transfer module receptacle (DTMR)?
    DTM receptacle that is permanently mounted in a/c
  17. Image Upload
    what does this annunciator mean?
    FDR is 80% full
  18. Image Upload
    What does this annunciator mean?
    IDARS has failed
  19. IDARS is on what bus?
    battery; FDR
  20. When a flashing master switchlight is reset, the associated annunciator on the main annunciator panel will _____ for as long as the malfunction or failure condition persists.
    remain illuminated
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