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  1. Assent 
    approval or agreement
  2. Incarnate
    to embody a deity or spirit in human form
  3. Impervious
    unable to be affected by
  4. Patriarch
    the male head of the family or tribe.  Also the man who is the most respected of the group.
  5. Tedious
    too long, slow or boring
  6. Vindictive
    having or showing a strong desire for revenge
  7. Extrovert
    an outgoing, openly expressive person
  8. Introvert
    a shy, quiet person who is typically concerned with their own thoughts
  9. Truant
    a student who stays away from school without explanation
  10. Indulge
    to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of something
  11. Insane
    silly or stupid
  12. Venerable
    someone or something that is accorded a great respect due to age, wisdom or character
  13. Inevitable
    certain to happen, unavoidable
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