Graves and Medoc

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  1. What is the informal name of the Graves and Medoc regions?
    Left Bank
  2. What region is considered the cradle of fine winemaking in Bordeaux?
  3. What does Graves mean?
  4. Name the two types of gravel soil in Graves
    • Tertiary period (65M-1.6M years ago): Pyrenees source, small in size, covered in ochre clay and sand
    • Quatenary period (1.6M years ago-current): Massif Central/Pyrenees source, larger (holds more heat), white and pink quartz
  5. What type of soil do the better properties in Graves have?
  6. Describe the Graves classification
    • Drawn up in 1953, became official in 1959
    • All classed properties are in the north of Graves (now Pessac-Leognan)
  7. Name 3 winemakers and their properties in Graves
    • Henri Leveque: Chateau Chantegrive
    • Jean-Michel Cazes: Villa Bel-Air
    • Denis Dubourdieu: Clos Floridene
  8. How many communes are in Graves?
  9. How many cooperatives are in Graves?
  10. How many hectares are planted in Graves?
    • End of 19C: 10K
    • Today: 4K
  11. How many appellations are in the Medoc?
    • 8 =
    • 2 regional: Medoc (Bas-Medoc), Haut-Medoc
    • 6 communal: Margaux, Saint-Julien, Pauillac, Saint-Estephe, Moulis, Listrac
  12. Describe the landscape of the Medoc
    Flat, low-lying land sandwiched between palus (coastal marshes) and pine forest
  13. What is the most famous red wine district in the world?
  14. Name an organic wine in Bordeaux
    Tour Haut-Caussan
  15. Is the gravel evenly distributed in the Medoc?
  16. When the Gironde estuary overflowed what did it leave behind?
    • Black Sand which covered the gravel in the Medoc.
    • Over time, wind erosion exposed outcroppings of gravel.
  17. In the Medoc, what serves the same function as hills?
    • Gravel; it drains rainwater away from the roots.
  18. Describe red wine from Margaux
    Feminine: 54% CS, 38% Merlot
  19. Describe red wine from Pauillac
    King: 63% CS, 31% Merlot
  20. Describe red wine from Saint-Julien
    • Consistent Quality: 63% CS, 29% Merlot
    • 80% vineyards are classed growths
  21. Describe red wine from Saint-Estephe
    • Pyrenees gravel on top of rich clay
    • Big and Earthy
  22. Describe the soil of Saint-Estephe
    • Gravel: Garonne (quatenary) and Pyrenees (tertiary)
    • Clay: Superior and Inferior
    • Limestone: Stampian and St Estephe
  23. How big are the left bank vineyards?
    • Saint-Estephe:
    • Pauillac:
    • Saint-Julien: 906 ha, 11 classed growths
    • Listrac:
    • Moulis:
    • Margaux:
  24. Name the 11 classed growths of Saint-Julien (largest to smallest ha)
    • Lagrange
    • Talbot
    • Leoville-Las-Cases
    • Beychevelle
    • Gruaud-Larose
    • Leoville Poyferre
    • Ducru-Beaucaillou
    • Branaire-Ducru
    • Leoville Barton
    • Langoa Barton
    • Saint-Pierre
  25. Do you pronounce the "s" in Moulis?
  26. Do you pronounce the "s" in Cos in Cos Estournel?
  27. Describe the soil of Moulis/Listrac
    • Gravel, Limestone, Marl, Clay
    • Listrac is north of Moulis but terroir varies west to east
  28. What is lime/chalk?
    Calcium carbonate: CaCO3
  29. What does calcareous mean?
    partly CaCO3
  30. What is marl?
    lime-rich clay
  31. What does argillaceous mean?
    partly clay
  32. Describe red wine from Moulis
    • Merlot is frequently dominant
    • Chateau Malmaison: 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Chateau Moulin a Vent: 60/38
    • Chateau Bouqueyran: 57/41
    • Chateau Brillette: 48/40
  33. Describe red wine from Listrac
    • Merlot is frequently dominant
    • Chateau Ducluzeau: 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Chateau Clarke: 70/30
    • Chateau Semeillan Mazeau: 50/50
    • Chateau Fourcas Hosten: 45/45
  34. What percent of 2009 Bordeaux production was in Graves/Medoc ?
    • Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur: 50%
    • The Cotes: 13%
    • Graves/Medoc: 17%
    • Saint-Emilion/Pomerol/Fronsac: 10%
    • Dry White: 8%
    • Sweet White: 2%

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