Chapter 16 Basic Residential Construction

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  1. The most flexible, low cost, easy to insulate, and time saving method of construction is ____.
    Wood-frame construction
  2. A one-floor home that is the most expensive to build would describe a what style home?
    Ranch-style home
  3. The most economical style of home is a ______.
    two-story home.
  4. The _______ home takes advantage of uneven terrain with a minimum of grading to prepare the lot.
  5. This design style combines elements from all of the styles and has lots of open space and windows.
  6. The lowest part of the foundation which is located below the frost line is the ______.
  7. Between the footings and the flooring lies the _____.
    foundation wall
  8. usually made of masonry block, these may be required to support the flooring between the foundation walls.
  9. 3 major types of foundations found in NC are:
    Crawl space, Basement, and Concrete slab (monolithic slab, floating slab)
  10. Termite Protection procedures
    • All firewood or wood materials must be removed from around the foundation construction site.
    • In new construction, the soil near the foundation walls and piers must be chemically treated.
    • Any lumber used that comes in contact with the ground must be pressure-treated.
  11. Floor framing includes in order from lowest to highest:
    • Sill, placed on top of foundation walls
    • Floor joists, 16-24 inch intervals
    • Girders, rest on top of piers and support floor joists
    • Subfloor
  12. Wall framing consists of:
    • Studs, vertical lumber spaced about 16 inches apart
    • Sole plate, connects studs to the flooring
    • Top plate, connects studs to ceiling
    • Headers, give support to wall framing where a window or door will be positioned.
  13. Roof framing consists of:
    • Ceiling Joists, attached to the top plate and carry the weight of the roof
    • Rafters, the sloping members of the roof frame
    • Ridge boards, highest part of the construction
  14. Roof Truss
    Prefabricated triangular structure that is easier and quicker to install.
  15. The overhang of the roof is called the ____, which is made up of the ____, _____, and the _____.
    Eave; fascia board, soffit, and the frieze board.
  16. Exterior walls are covered by _______ to insulate the house from the elements.
  17. The most common siding material in older homes is ______.
  18. Types of doors
    Flush door, panel door, sliding glass door, French door.
  19. In a window, the small rectangular windowpanes that were joined together by pieces of wood were comprised of _______ (horizontal pieces) and ______ (vertical pieces).
    Muntins, Mullions
  20. The most common roof design is ______.
  21. The insulation value of materials is expressed as an __-value.  In NC building codes require ___ insulation in floors, ____ in walls, and ___ in ceilings.
    R; R-19, R-13, R-30
  22. The most efficient type of heating system is _____.
    Warm forced air
  23. A popular HVAC system in most of NC that provides a combination of heating and air conditioning is called a _______.
    heat pump
  24. The ____ is a measure of heat and is used in rating the capacity of air-conditioning and heating equipment.
    BTU, British Thermal Unit
  25. Certificate of Occupancy
    Issued when the construction is completed in a safe, satisfactory manner.
  26. A general contractor's license is required for anyone who contracts to construct a building for others that costs more than __________.
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