Dry Whites

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  1. Does Bordeaux produce more red or white wine?
    Until the 1970s: white
  2. Are Bordeaux dry white wines known for aging?
    No, but it is capable of aging today
  3. What Bordeaux regions are limited to red wine?
    • Right Bank
    • Medoc
  4. What are the 3 main Bordeaux regions for white wine?
    • Entre-deux-Mers
    • Graves
    • Blaye
  5. How large is the Entre-deux-Mers?
    • 30K ha
    • Only 3K ha produce white wine!
    • But this is 80% of Bordeaux dry white!!
  6. Describe dry white wine from Entre-deux-Mers
    • Traditionally mediocre quality; today, quality is very much improved
    • 1960s: new vineyard practices, new winemakers, new technology (e.g., tractors, stainless steel vats)
    • 1962: French loss of Algeria; immigrants strived to excel because they were looked down upon
  7. Describe new style Bordeaux whites:
    • More flavorful
    • More aromatic
    • More ageworthy
  8. Why is new style Bordeaux whites better quality?
    • Better understanding of when to pick
    • Cold-soaking (pre-fermentation maceration
    • Debourbage (settling out)
    • Lower fermentation temperatures (< 20C in vat, up to 25C in barrel)
    • "Sur lie" aging, batonnage (stirring the lees)
  9. Who are the "locomotives" in Entre-deux-Mers?
    • Andre Lurton: Chateau Bonnet
    • Jean-Louis Despagne (Thibault is son): Several properties
  10. Why do many Entre-deux-Mers producers prefer to use "Bordeaux" AOC?
    • Haunted by poor quality in the past
    • Better brand recognition
    • Fewer restrictions (can use single variety, higher yields (65 vs 60) hl/ha), lower vine density (2000 vs 4500 vines/ha), No tasting)
  11. What Bordeaux region traditionally produced better-quality dry white wine?
  12. Name Graves producers who produce good/good value white wine
    • Dominique Haverlan: Vieux Chateau Gaubert
    • Henri Levequ: Chateau Chantegrive-Cuvee Caroline
    • Jean-Michel Cazes: Chateau Vill Bel Air
    • Denis Dubourdieu: Clos Floridene
  13. Name the 3 AOCs for white wine in Blaye
    • Blaye: >= 90% Ugni Blanc
    • Cotes de Blaye: 60-90% Colombard
    • Premieres Cotes de Blaye: >= 70% Sauvignon, Semillon, Muscadelle
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  14. Name some OTHER (not the top 3) Bordeaux wine regions that make DRY WHITE wines
    • Sauternais: Must be called AOC Bordeaux Blanc Sec (not AOC Graves)
    • Medoc: equivalent of "Garage" wines
    • Saint-Emilion: unorthodox winemakers
  15. Name some Sauternais dry white wines
    • Chateau d'Yquem Y: 50% Sauvignon, 50% Semillon
    • Chateau Guiraud G: 70% Sauvignon, 30% Semillon
    • Chateau Rieussec R
    • Chateau Suduiraut S
    • Chateau de Malle M
  16. Name some Medoc dry white wines
    • Pavillon Blanc (Margaux)
    • Blanc de Lynch-Bages
    • Blanc du Chateau Prieure-Lichine
    • Les Arums de Lagrange
    • Aile d'Argent (Mouton Rothschild)
    • Merle Blanc (Clarke)
    • Also some Cru Borgeouis
  17. Name some Saint-Emilion dry white wines
    • Chateau Monbousquet
    • Chateau Teyssier
    • Chateau Balandraud (No. 1 & No. 2)
  18. What percent of 2009 Bordeaux production was in St-Emilion, Pomerol, and Fronsac?
    • Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur: 50%
    • The Cotes: 13%
    • Graves/Medoc: 17%
    • Saint-Emilion/Pomerol/Fronsac: 10%
    • Dry White: 8%
    • Sweet White: 2%

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