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  1. What is nature of pain
    pain is universal, but unique
  2. What is the concept of pain?
    • Unpleasant
    • Highly personal
    • Can be life changing
    • Consumes all thoughts
    • Physical and Emotional Experience
    • Subjective
  3. what is the nursing role in pain management?
    • To Assess the pain
    • To develop a plan to relieve the pain
    • To provide comfort
    • Educate the Patient
    • Effective Pain Management is an Important Aspect of Nursing Care
  4. What are some Causes of Pain?
    • Inflammation
    • Infection
    • Ischemia
    • Tissue Necrosis
    • Stretching of Tissue
    • Chemicals
    • Burns
  5. What affects the pain experience
    • Age
    • Fatigue
    • Genetic Sensitivity
    • Cognitive Function
    • Prior Experiences
    • Anxiety/Fear
    • Support Systems
    • Culture
  6. ABCDE
    Approach to Assessment
    • A-ASK about pain regularly, ASSESS pain systematically
    • B-BELIEVE the client and family
    • C-CHOOSE appropriate pain control options
    • D-Deliver interventions in a timely manner
    • E-EMPOWER the client and family
  7. Pain Assessment Subjective an Objective data
    • Location (anatomical landmark)
    • Duration (how long)
    • Intensity (Strength mild,moderate,severe)
    • Etiology (origin)
    • everything client tells you is subjective, pain scale is objective
  8. Pain Threshold
    least amount of stimuli that is needed for a person to label a sensation as PAIN
  9. Pain Tolerance
    maximum amount of painful stimuli that a person is willing to withstand without seeking avoidance of the pain or relief
  10. Postherpetic Neuralgia
    treated pain
  11. fibromyalgia
    widespread tender points
  12. Acute pain
    • protective
    • temporary
    • Usually self-limiting
    • resolves with tissue healing
    • physiological response; tachycardia, HTN, anxiety, muscle tension, diaphoresis
    • Sudden Sharp Pain from skin and mucous membranes
  13. Chronic Pain
    • Not Protective
    • Ongoing or reoccurs freq. last > 6 months
    • may have no known cause and not respond to interventions
    • pain rating is not useful
    • Dull Burning or Aching sensation
  14. Physiological Response Acute Pain vs Chronic Pain
    Acute- Increased heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Anxiety diaphoresis muscle tension

    Chronic-No VS changes, Body Adapts
  15. Radiating Pain
    perceived at the source of pain and radiates
  16. Referred Pain
    Felt is a body part that is removed from the tissues causing the pain
  17. intractable
    highly resistant to relief
  18. Neuropathic
    • result of current or past damage to the peripheral/CNS.
    • Long unpleasant, described as burning, dull and aching
  19. phantom Pain
    painful sensation in a body part that is missing
  20. Pain Assessment mneumonic
    • C-Character
    • O-Onset
    • L-Location
    • D-Duration: (constant or intermittent)
    • E-Exacerbation
    • R-Relief
    • R-Radiation

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