SS 5 (notable engineers)

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  1. Felix Candela (1910-1997)
    • -born in Spain but a resident of Mexico for most of his life
    • -thin-shell concrete roofs based on his experience and intuition, using mathematics only secondarily
    • -designs for hyperbolic paraboloids, such as Xochimilco Restaurant roof, carried thinness of material to the ultimate
  2. Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923)
    • -french engineer who believed that architectural beauty could be achieved only by structures whose form was determined rationally, based on the loads to be supported, rather than arbitrarily
    • -railroad stations and bridges used the new materials of 19-century technology, rolled iron and steel and were structures of great strength and beauty
  3. Eugene Freyssinet (1879-1962)
    • -french engineer that pioneered the development of prestressed concrete, which he used for a number of bridges which were visually and conceptually elegant
    • -most famous building were the 2 immense Orly Dirigible Hangars, near Paris, which were destroyed during World War II
  4. Fazlur Kahn (1930-1982)
    • -Pakistani by birth, he was a brilliant structural engineer and a partner in the Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill firm
    • -his work: John Hancock Bldg and Sears Tower evolved from structural ideas
  5. Robert Maillart (1872-1940)
    • -Swiss engineer
    • -first to recognize aesthetic and technical potential of reinforced concrete
    • -his designs for arched concrete bridges, originally accepted because of their economy, are now recognized as works of art
  6. Pier Luigi Nervi (1891-1979)
    • -great Italian contractor and engineer
    • -created soaring concrete shell roofs to house sports events, exhibitions and aircraft
    • -successfully combined technical excellence with a conscious aesthetic intent
  7. John Roebling (1806-1869) and his son Washington Roebling (1837-1926)
    • -pioneers in the design and construction of suspension bridges
    • -crowning achievement was the Brooklyn Bridge which combined lightness and strength to create a structure of enduring beauty
  8. Eduardo Torroja (1899-1961)
    • -trained in native Spain as an engineer, was a great creator of architectural form
    • -concrete shell structures, most notably the roof of the Zarzuela racetrack grandstand in Madrid, united rational engineering design with inspired creativity
  9. Othmar Ammann
    swiss-american engineer, one of the greatest bridge designers of this century
  10. Benjamin Baker
    designer of the Forth Bridge in Scotland
  11. Santiago Calatrava
    Spanish-born architect and engineer, noted for engineering talent and artistic sensibility in designing contemporary bridges and buildings, including the Milwaukee Art Museum
  12. Horst Berger and Frei Otto
    both specialists in the design of tent structures
  13. James Eads
    whose greatest work was the Eads Bridge over the Mississippi, the first major structure built of steel
  14. Buckminster Fuller
    inventor of the geodesic dome
  15. David Geiger
    pioneer designer of pneumatic structures
  16. William Jenney
    the pioneer designer of steel frame buildings
  17. T.Y. Lin
    the master of prestressed concrete
  18. Elisha Graves Otis
    the inventor of the first safe passenger elevator, which helped make the skyscraper a reality
  19. Auguste Perret
    the French architect and contractor, known as the father of reinforced concrete
  20. Thomas Telford
    the great Scotish engineer of iron bridges
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