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  1. litoria coitropa
    war-r-r-rk cruk cruk cruk cruk cruk cruk
    blue mountain tree frog

    found south of grt div rnge into gipsland
    bronze brown on back green sides black stripe
    horizontal eyes

    spawns running water, tadpoles good swimmers.
  2. Litoria peroni  "cra-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhk"
    Peron's Tree Frog    family Hylidae has pads on feet
    Emerald-spotted Tree Frog,
    Pads on digits, cross shaped eyes, yellow
    splotches front of hind legs. Spawns in still water/swamps
  3. Heleioporus australiacus "ou-ou-ou-ou-ou"
    Giant Burrowing Frog  Myobatrachidae no pads on feet
    Eastern owl frog
    Same distribution as blue mnts tree frog.  Brown kinda plain, fat and round.
  4. Philoria frosti     (low) kruk kruk kruk kinda like a burp  Myobatrachidae
    Baw Baw Frog,  no pads, limited range, hard to find because
    stay under moss and fallen debris. 
    Spawns in bogs. Likes stability. Spent a lot of time hiding no weapons to defend themselves, meek animal.
    Good sign of health of ecosystem coz
    insects, soil, frogs etc.
    Threatened by logging and development.
  5. Litoria spenceri               hylidae
    Spotted Tree Frog, spencers tree
    frog.  Endangered. We are helping to
    breed and study.
    Smooth green when young, Warty on back and green black blotchy when older. Gold eyes with horizontal pupils. Known to bask in
    sunlight. Fully webbed toes, loves to swim. 
    Moving water. Streamside ponds. North of GDR from Mansfield to Albury.
  6. Neobatrachus sudelli  craa-aw-aw-aw-aw-aw-aw-awk”
    Common Spadefoot Toad
    Mostly northwest of great div range,
    widespread throughout central vic. often found in dry habitats, including
    woodlands, shrubland, mallee, open, and disturbed areas.
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