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  1. Deu
  2. Blastopore
    In deuterostomes, the blastopore becomes the anus.
  3. Dorsal nervous system
    nervous system is on the dorsal side
  4. Sessile
  5. Echinoderm endoskeleton
    • calcareous ossicles- made of calcium carbonate
    • mesodermal
    • bound together with connective tissue
  6. Ossicles
    Ossicles are small calcareous elements embedded in the dermis of the body wall of echinoderms. They form part of the endoskeleton and provide rigidity and protection.
  7. Water vascular system
    locomotion, madreporite, tube feet
  8. Pentaradial symmetry
    5 limbs off a central disk
  9. Tube feet
    • found in the ambulacral groove on the oral surface
    • filled with fluid
    • it has retractor muscles
  10. Madreporite
    • opens and closes
    • sieve in endoskeleton for water input into water vascular system
  11. Ring canal
    cental disk
  12. Radial canal
    branches of ring canal in starfish
  13. Ambulacral groove
    connects all tube feet
  14. Papulae (dermal branchiae)
    where respiration occurs
  15. Pedicellariae
    • mini claws
    • remove debris around papulae
    • sometimes used in capturing food
    • keeps papulae clean so they can respire efficiently
  16. central disk/arms
    disk in the middle and the radiating arms
  17. aboral/oral surface
    side containing mouth is the oral surface and the other side is the aboral surface
  18. Aristotle's lantern
    complex mouth part in echinoidea (sea urchins and sand dollars)
  19. Test
    shell that encloses internal organs and its made of calcium carbonate
  20. Oral tentacle
    modified tube feet in holothuroidea (sea cucumbers) surrounding the mouth
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