Egypt Test - grade 6

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  1. Why were the pyramids built?
    To be eternal houses for the pharaohs.
  2. How long did it take to build pyramids?
    About 20 years
  3. What is the style of writing invented by the ancient Egyptians?
  4. Who was the Pharaoh that united the two lands of ancient Egypt?
    King Narmer
  5. What allowed modern scholars to decipher the meaning of the ancient Egyptian writing?
    Rosetta Stone
  6. What did the Egyptians mainly write on?  How did they get it?
    Papyrus made from the papyrus plant
  7. How did the ancient Egyptians benefit from the Nile River?
    It allowed them to trade, farm, make paper,  build houses and make pottery.
  8. Who built the pyramids and how?
    Hired workers who built them using a sledge.
  9. Explain the mummification/burial process, particularly for a Pharaoh.
    • A priest would
    • 1. remove the organs and put them in jars
    • 2. dry out and wrap the body
    • 3. place it in a coffin.

    Food, drink, games, etc. were placed in the tomb and mazes were built to confuse grave robbers.  The whole process took 70 days.
  10. Who is King Tut and why is he famous?
    Young pharaoh who became king at age 9, and died around age 20.  His tomb is the only tomb found intact.
  11. What is the feather of the Ma'at?
    Tool used to measure the heart
  12. Who is the sun god?
  13. What is upper Egypt?
    Southern part of Egypt
  14. What is lower Egypt?
    Northern part of Egypt
  15. Who designed the first pyramid of ancient Egypt?
  16. How would you describe the Egyptian religion?
    Polytheistic - believed that pharaohs were linked to the sun god and believed that the Gods were once pharaohs.  Only priests could pray in the temples
  17. Who was the only woman Pharaoh who opened up trade ruled somewhat peacefully for about 20 years?
  18. Who became Queen after Alexander thee Great conquered Egypt and was the last queen before the Romans conquered Egypt?
  19. Who was the most important person in Egypt and why?  How did he come to power?  What was his role?
    • 1. Pharaoh
    • 2. he came to power through family lines.
    • 3.  he ruled Egypt and was the role model for religious beliefs
  20. What is the nickname of ancient Egypt?
    Gift of the Nile
  21. Briefly explain the levels of society in Egypt.
    (P2 A S3)
    • Pharaohs
    • Pharaohs' family
    • Advisors and Officials
    • Scribes
    • Skilled workers and farmers
    • Slaves
  22. What was Egyptian afterlife like?
    life but with no problems
  23. After her husband was killed, she gathered up his body and buried it in a secret place.   She has brought his soul back from the dead.
  24. Who was Osiris and what happened to him.
    Lord of the Dead who was murdered by his jealous brother.
  25. How were ordinary citizens buried....was it in the same manner as a pharaoh?
    They were buried in ordinary tombs, not pyramids or elaborate tombs like pharaohs.
  26. Where is Egypt located?
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