Unit 3: Aerospace Ground Equipment

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  1. Information about non-powered AGE can be found in which technical orders?
    35 and 37 series tech orders
  2. What are the basic parts of a maintenance stand?
    • Base assembly
    • Upper structure
    • Platform assembly
    • Hydraulic system
  3. How is the height of the platform adjusted on the B-1 stand?
    Hydraulic hand pump
  4. Which maintenance stand is best suited for performing maintenance and inspections on the vertical stab and rudder?
  5. What should you ensure prior to standing on the ladder of a scissor-type maintenance stand?
    Safety pins are installed
  6. What should you do with the wheels of a B-4 or B-5 stand before towing?
    Lock the rear wheels in fore and aft position
  7. How is the operation of the model 4000/4100 maintenance trailer controlled?
  8. Other than transporting heavy loads, what's and additional use for the model 3000 transportation trailer?
    Hold engines to perform inspections
  9. What can happen to an engine that has not been properly supported?
    Twist or bend, damaging the engine or its sub-parts
  10. Describe what the two hand pumps are designed to do in a hydro-mechanical jack?
    Large pump raises the ram at a higher speed to meet the load, smaller pump allows for greater ease of lift with a full load engaged
  11. How do you control the speed of lowering a jack?
    By the amount the release valve is opened
  12. Tripod jacks are generally used for what procedures?
    • Weighing an aircraft
    • Changing landing gear or component
    • Repair landing gear or component
    • Perform a landing gear retraction check
  13. What are some of the uses of an axle jack?
    • Tire change
    • Brake change
    • Wheel/bearing inspection and lubrication
  14. Aircraft oxygen systems are serviced with what two types of oxygen?
    Gaseous oxygen (GOX) and liquid oxygen (LOX)
  15. What are the properties of LOX?
    • Pale blue, water like substance that flows readily
    • Boils at -297 Degrees Fehrenheit
    • Expands 860 times its original volume when warmed to a gaseous state
  16. How much LOX does the TMU-27/M LOX mobile storage tank hold?
    50 gallons
  17. What is the pressure gauge range on a TMU-27/M LOX mobile storage tank?
    0-100 psi
  18. What position should the pressure build-up valve on the TMU-27/M LOX mobile storage tank be in?
    Closed, except when building tank pressure
  19. Why should LOX never be confined in any completely airtight piping or container?
    Because it expands 860 times its original volume
  20. What form is used to track all aircraft oxygen systems serviced with a specific LOX cart?
    AFTO Form 134
  21. What is stenciled in white on the side of each high-pressure gaseous oxygen cylinder bottle?
  22. How many oxygen cylinders is the AF/M32R-3 oxygen-servicing trailer designed to transport?
  23. What is nitrogen used for in aircraft maintenance?
    Pressure operated mechanisms
  24. Why is nitrogen the preferred gas for servicing aircraft systems?
    Inert qualities that do not support combustion
  25. The gaseous nitrogen cart is designed to use what method?
    Cascading- each bottle can be operated separately
  26. What's the primary function of powered AGE?
    Provide an auxiliary means of external power
  27. What happens to the waste product when the Self Generated Nitrogen Servicing Cart (SGNSC) separates the nitrogen from the air?
    It is enriched with approximately 33% oxygen
  28. What is the purpose of the MC-1A air compressor?
    Provide high or low pressure, clean, dry air for servicing aircraft pneumatic systems, hydraulic accumulators, oleo struts, and tires
  29. How much compressed air is the MC-2A air compressor capable of producing?
    15 cfm up to 200 psi
  30. How is heat increased or decreased on the H-1 heater?
    By allowing more or less fuel to enter the burner section
  31. How is heat accomplished on the NGH?
    60 hertz alternator that powers a separate oil burner and combustion chamber
  32. What is the temperature range of conditioned air provided by the C-10 air conditioner?
    47-200 Degrees Fahrenheit
  33. From where does the C-10 receive its source of  air?
    Hot bleed air from a gas turbine compressor
  34. What's the electrical power output of the A/M32A-86 generator?
    115/200 volt, 400 Hz, 3-phase
  35. How much air is the A/M32A-60 capable of producing?
    150 lbs of air per minute at 50 psi
  36. What source of power is used to start the A/M32A-95 generator?
    Nickel-cadmium battery or two 12 volt gel pack batteries
  37. How much electrical power can the FL-1D trailer-mounted floodlight produce?
    120 VAC, 60 Hz
  38. How high can the mast on the FL-1D trailer-mounted floodlight be raised?
    12 feet
  39. How is power supplied to the MK-3A-3?
    93 HP, 440 volt, 3-phase, 60 cycle, 1,760 rpm electric motor with a two-step, start-split winding
  40. How is the MJ-2A hydraulic test stand driven?
    By a diesel engine
  41. How are the hydraulic systems designated on the MJ-2A hydraulic test stand?
    Primary & secondary
  42. What's the primary function of a tow vehicle?
    Tow and park large aircraft
  43. What is the adjustable height and lift capacity of the electric, split deck maintenance platform?
    • 6.7 feet - 36 feet
    • 2,000 lbs
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