Bio 130 chpt 7

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  1. what skeleton forms the longitudinal axis of the body
  2. what are the bones associated with the axial skeleton
    skull and facial bones, thoracic cage, vertebral column
  3. how many bones are in the axial skeleton
  4. what are the main functions of the brain
    protect, permit limited movement, and provide attachments for the muscle
  5. how many bones make up the skull
  6. how many bones make up the face
  7. how many bones make up the cranium
  8. how many bones are associated bones
  9. what are the bones in the face
    maxillary,palatine, nasal, inferior nasal conchae, zygomatic,lacrimal, vomer, mandible
  10. what are the bones of the cranium
  11. what in the axial skeleton consists of 26 bones
    vertebral column
  12. what are the regions of the vertebral column
    24 vertebrae, 1 sacrum, 1 coccyx
  13. what provides a column of support to boar weight of head, neck, and trunk
    vertebral column
  14. what transfers weight to lower limbs
    vertebral column
  15. what protects spinal column
    vertebral column
  16. what helps maintain upright position
    vertebral column
  17. what spinal curve is secondary and develops as infant learns to balance head on vertebrae
    cervical curve
  18. what spinal curve is primary accomodation of thoracic organs
    thoracic curve
  19. what spinal curve is secondary develops with ability to stand to balance trunk over limbs
    lumbar curve
  20. what spinal curve is primary accomodates abdomenopelvic organs
    sacral curve
  21. how many vertebrae does the cervical have
  22. how many vertebrae are in the thoracic
  23. how many vertebrae are in the lumbar
  24. what are the componets of the thoracic cage
    ribs and sternum
  25. what are the three regions of the sternum
    manubrium, body, xiphoid process
  26. what skeleton consists of bones of the limbs and supporting elements that connect them to trunk
  27. how many bones are in the appendicular skeleton
  28. what are the bones that make up the appendicular skeleton
    pectoral girdle (4), upper limbs (60) lower limbs (60) pelvic girdle (2)
  29. what consists of two hip bones, sacrum, and coccyx
  30. what are the major connection points for ligaments on the pelvis
    iliac crest, ischial tuberosity, ischial spine, arcuate line
  31. what pelvis encloses pelvic cavity
    true (lesser) pelvis
  32. what pelvis superios limit extends from base of sacrum, along acurate line and pectineal line, to pubic symphysis (pelvic brim)
    true (lesser) pelvis
  33. what is bounded by coccyx ischisal tuberosisties ischial spines and inferior pubic symphysis
    pelvic outlet
  34. what pelvis consists of area enclosed by bladelike portions of ilia superior to pelvic brim
    false (greater) pelvis
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