Ecology chp.4 Review 1

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  1. The variety of processes, including matter cycling and energy flow within ecosystems, that results from species interacting with one another in food webs
    Functional Diversity
  2. Biodiversity includes these components:
    • Functional Diversity
    • Ecological Diversity¬†
    • Species Diversity
    • Genetic Diversity
  3. Variety of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems found in an area or on the earth
    Ecological Diversity
  4. The number and abundances of species present in different communities
    Species Diversity
  5. The diversity that enables life on earth to adapt and survive environmental changes
    Genetic Diversity
  6. Occurs when some individuals of a population have genetically based traits that enhance their ability to survive and produce offspring with the same traits
    Natural Selection
  7. A change in the genetic characteristics of a population from one generation to another
  8. Random changes in the structure or number of DNA molecules in a cell that can be inherited by offspring
  9. Genes mutate, individuals are selected, and populations evolve that are better adapted to survive and reproduce under existing environmental conditions
    Evolution by Natural Selection
  10. Human success
    • Strong opposable thumbs¬†
    • Upright walks
    • Complex brain
  11. Large effect on types and abundance of other species
    Keystone species
  12. Shape and enhance habitats that benefit other species
    Foundation species
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