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  1. Gluteus Medius Origin?
    Lateral surface of the ilium just below crest
  2. Gluteus Medius Insertion:
    Posterior and middle surfaces of the greater trochanter of the femur
  3. Actions of the gluteus medius:
    Hip abduction, lateral pelvic rotation to ipsilateral side
  4. Gluteus Maximus origin:
    Posterior 1/4 of the ilium crest, posterior surface of sacrum/coccyx
  5. Gluteus Maximus Insertion:
    Oblique ridge on the lateral surface of the greater trochanter and iliotibial band
  6. Gluteus Maximus actions:
    Hip extension, hip external rotation, posterior pelvic rotation
  7. Biceps Femoris Origin:
    • Long: Ischial tuberosity¬†
    • Short: Lower half of the linea aspera and lateral condyloid ridge
  8. Biceps femoris insertion:
    Lateral condyle of the tibia and head of the fibula
  9. Biceps Femoris action:
    Knee flexion, hip extension, hip external rotation, posterior pelvic rotation, external rotation w/ flexed knee
  10. Semimembranosus Insertion:
    Posteromedial surface of the medial tibial condyle
  11. Semimembranosus Action:
    knee flexion, hip extension, hip internal rotation, internal rotation of flexed knee, posterior pelvic rotation
  12. Semitendonosis Insertion:
    Anterior medial surface of tibia below condyle
  13. Semitendonosis Actions:
    knee flexion,hip extension, hip internal rotation, internal rotation of flexed knee, posterior pelvic rotation
  14. Gracilis Origin:
    Anteromedial edge of descending pubis rams
  15. Gracilis Insertion:
    Anterior medial surface of the tibia just below the condyle
  16. Gracilis Action:
    Hip adduction, hip internal rotation
  17. Adductor Magnus Origin:
    Edge of entire pubis ramus and ischial/ischium tuberosity
  18. Adductor Magnus Insertion:
    Whole length of the linea aspera, inner condyloid ridge, and adductor tubercle
  19. Adductor Magnus Actions:
    Hip adduction, external rotation, hip extension
  20. Adductor Longus Origin:
    Anterior pubis just below crest
  21. Adductor Longus Insertion
    Middle 1/3 of linea aspera
  22. Adductor Brevis Origin:
    Front of the inferior pubic rams, just below origin of longs
  23. Adductor Brevis Insertion:
    Lower 2/3 of the pectineal line of the femur and the upper 1/2 of the linea aspera
  24. Adductor Brevis Actions:
    Hip adduction, hip external rotation
  25. Pectineus Origin:
    Space-1 inch wide on front of pubis just above crest
  26. Pectineus Insertion:
    Rough line leading from the lesser trochanter  down to the linea aspera
  27. Pectineus Actions:
    Hip flexion, hip adduction, hip external rotation, anterior pelvic rotation
  28. Sartorius (Longest in body) Origin:
    Anterior superior iliac spine and notch below spine
  29. Sartorius Insertion:
    Anterior medial surface of tibia just below the condyle
  30. Sartorius Actions:
    Hip flexion, knee flexion, external rotation of hip, hip abduction, anterior pelvic rotation
  31. Rectus Femoris Origin:
    Anterior inferior iliac spine of the ilium and groove above acetabulum
  32. Iliapsoas Origin:
    • Iliacus: Inner surface of ilium,
    • Psoas Major/Minor: Borders of L1-L5, Intervertebral fibrocartilages and base of acetabulum
  33. Iliapsoas Insertion:
    Lesser trochanter of femur and shaft just below
  34. Iliapsoas Action:
    Hip flexion and internal rotation, hip external rotation, transverse pelvic rotation, lumbar spine flexion/lateral flexion, lateral pelvic rotation
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