Biology 172 Exam 2 Major Organ Systems

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  1. 1. protects the body from the entry of foreign materials and organisms
    2. regulates body temperature
    Integumentary System
  2. 1. framework of the body providing shape and form
    2. facilitates locomotion and movement
    3. protects soft, delicate internal organs
    4. stores calcium
    5. manufactures blood cells
    Skeletal System
  3. 1. provides for locomotion
    2. holds the body upright
    3. moves food through the digestive tract
    4. pumps the blood
    Muscular System
  4. 1. generates gametes
    2. facilitates reproduction and development
    3. regulates hormonal cycles
    Reproductive System
  5. 1. digests biological molecules in food to inorganic building blocks
    2. absorbs digested food molecules
    3. eliminates undigested wastes
    Digestive System
  6. 1. returns interstitial fluid to the circulatory system
    2. facilitates the body's immune responses
    Lymphatic System
  7. 1. gas exchange
    2. regulates pH of the blood
    Respiratory System
  8. 1. elimination of nitrogenous waste products of metabolism
    2. regulates water and solute balance
    3. regulates ion concentrations and pH of the blood
    Urinary System
  9. 1. circulates body fluids (blood)
    2. refreshes interstitial fluids
    3. facilitates the body's immune defenses (along with the lymphatic system)
    Circulatory System
  10. 1. integrates and regulates the body's activities through the transmission of electrical signals by way neurons 
    2. causes organs to respond
    3. monitors external and internal environment through sense organs
    4. responsible for consciousness and a sense of awareness
    Nervous System
  11. 1. integrates and regulates the body's activities through the secretion of hormones from ductless glands 
    2. influences metabolism, motivation, and emotions
    Endocrine System
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Biology 172 Exam 2 Major Organ Systems
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