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  1. Do batteries need to be turned on for dome lights to work?
  2. Which lights do not illuminate when pressing the test button?
    Parking brake, GPU push button, fire test lights
  3. Pressing CVR Erase will erase data when?
    Aircraft is on the ground, parking brake set
  4. How will you know if the DVDR TEST worked?
    No CVR AFT(FWD) FAIL EICAS message
  5. AC BUS Source Priority:
    On-side IDG, AC BUS TIE, off-side IDG
  6. AC BUS TIE source priority:
  7. GPU Button pressed in connects AC GPU to
    according to source priority
  8. When will the GPU Button AVAIL light illuminate
    With button pushed in or out with AC GPU connected but not powering AC BUS TIE
  9. What happens when APU GEN Button is pushed out?
    Opens APU generator contactor and isolates APU GEN from AC BUS TIE
  10. What does the TRU do?
    Convert AC power from AC BUSES to DC power
  11. When battery 1 switch is off what is powered?
    HOT BATT BUS 1 only
  12. Battery 1 switched on
    Battery connects to DC ESS BUS 1
  13. Battery 2 in off position:
    Powers HOT BAT 2 BUS
  14. Battery 2 in auto position:
    Connects to either DC ESS BUS 2 or APU START BUS
  15. What happens when the crossfeed 1 or 2 selected?
    Crossfeed valve opens, opposite ac fuel pump turns on, fuel is pumped from opposite side to that side's engine
  16. When does the DC pump activate?
    Only when starting the APU without AC power
  17. With the selector knob set to armed, when will the Emergency lights illuminate?
    If DC BUS 1 loses power or the airplane power is shut off
  18. Attendant Call button illuminates which color on the rainbow light?
  19. When does the fasten seat belts sign automatically turn on?
    When the o2 masks are commanded to drop
  20. Which color on the rainbow light illuminates with the sterile switch on?
  21. What happens when fire extinguisher handle is pulled?
    Fuel, bleed, and hydraulic shutoff valves close.
  22. What happens when you push the APU fire switch?
    Fuel shutoff valve closes, discharges fire extinguisher
  23. When will the APU FIRE button illuminate?
    • Fire detected and APU EMER STOP button pressed or
    • 60 seconds after APU fire detected
  24. What will happen if the APU button is pressed and no fire is detected.
    It will arm and discharge the APU extinguisher
    In flight with smoke detected
    Single press will discharge high rate bottle, low rate bottle will automatically discharge 60 s later
    On Ground w/ Smoke
    • Single press will discharge high rate bottle
    • Must press again to discharge low rate bottle
    In Air No Smoke
    • Pressing Once arms the high rate bottle
    • Pressing twice discharges high rate bottle. Low rate bottle discharges 60 s later automatically
    ON ground No Smoke
    • 1 push arms
    • 2 push high rate bottle
    • 3 push low rate bottle
  29. How can you cancel an armed Cargo Smoke Extinguisher?
    Push the fire test button or by waiting 2 minutes after it is armed.
  30. What does the fire detection test button do?
    Tests the fire detection systems of the engines, APU, and forward and aft Cargo smoke detection systems
  31. What illuminates on overhead panel when fire test button pressed?
    (6) ENG 1/2 Fire handles, aft/forward cargo buttons, APU FIRE EXT button illuminates, Red Bar in APU EMER STOP button
  32. Fire Test EICAS Messages
    • (5) ENG1 FIRE
    • ENG2 FIRE
    • APU FIRE
  33. Fire Test Glareshield Panel/EICAS
    • (4)Master Warning Lights Illuminated
    • FIRE Icon on Eng1 and Eng2 ITT Displays
  34. When the APU Switch is turned to OFF position what is removed immediately
    • Pneumatic Air
    • AC power only if another source of AC power is available
  35. During the 1 minute cool-down period, can the APU be switched back on?
    Yes by turning the APU switch back to the ON position
  36. What happens when the APU emergency stop button is pressed in?
    APU fuel SOV immediately closes which shuts off the APU. A white stripe on the lower half of the button will illuminate
  37. If an APU fire is detected, what indication will you have besides an EICAS message?
    Top half of the emergency stop button will illuminate red
  38. In auto mode, when will the PTU activate?
    Takeoff or landing with flaps not zero with ENG1 or ENG2 failure
  39. In the ON mode the PTU will operate
  40. What happens when SYS1 or SYS2 ENG pump shutoff switches are pressed?
    Hydraulic SOV of respective system is closed isolating that EDP from the hydraulic system
  41. On the ground in AUTO mode under what conditions will systems 1&2 Elec Hydraulic pumps be powered
    • On Ground:
    • Flaps not zero, thrust levers advanced or ground speed>60 kts
    • Also when ENG1 started and parking brake released, system 2 will turn on
  42. In flight when will ELEC Hyd pumps turn on if switch is in AUTO mode?
    With failure of associated EDP or when flaps not zero
  43. SYS 3 HYD PUMP B will turn on when if in the AUTO mode
    If SYS 3 HYD PUMP A fails
  44. What happens when the DUMP button is pressed with pressurization mode in auto or manual?
    • White Striped Bar will illuminate
    • Both sets of PACKS & RECIRC FANS shutoff
  45. What else happens when the DUMP button is pressed in AUTO mode only?
    OV raises cabin pressure to 12400 @ 2000fpm
  46. Can a cabin DUMP be canceled?
    Yes. By pressing the DUMP button again to the out position
  47. With the PRESS mode in MANUAL pressing down on the CAB ALT knob does what?
    • Closes the OFV
    • UP opens it
  48. In manual mode the LFE DOWN knob does what?
    • Decreases the LFE in 100 ft increments. If held longer than 5 s it will decrease in 500ft increments.
    • Same but opposite for UP POSITION
  49. When would both windshield heaters' be shed
    On the ground with only one AC power source
  50. What happens to windshield heat in flight with one AC power source?
    FO's windshield heat power is shed; if CA's side is INOP, then his side will be shed.
  51. What is the pneumatic bleed source priority?
    On-side bleed, off-side bleed, APU.
  52. With engine and APU bleeds available simultaneously, when would AMS give APU priority?
    On the ground, <50 kts, < pressure needed to start other engine, cross bleed working normally.
  53. When would the RECIRC fans be commanded off?
    DUMP button pressed, smoke detected in recirculation bays, associated pack is off
  54. When would PACKS be commanded off?
    DUMP button selected, smoke detected in recirc bays, thrust set to max, REF ECS OFF w/no APU bleed available
  55. What will you notice on the BLEED button if there is an associated bleed leak?
    An amber stripe will illuminate on upper half of button. Same on APU BLEED button with bleed leak.
  56. At what cabin pressure altitude will o2 masks automatically deploy?
    Above 14000 feet
  57. How will you know the o2 masks have deployed from the cockpit?
    The ON light will illuminate on the masks deployed indicator.
  58. What else illuminates automatically when the masks are deployed
    Fasten Belts
  59. An amber LED will illuminate next to the DISC position when?
    In association with an IDG 1(2) oil caution EICAS MSG indicating which IDG should be disconnected.
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