English Vocabulary 12 nov 2013

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  1. Abdicate or abdication
    • If a king or queen abdicates, they make a formal statement that they no longer want to be king or queen
    •  saying not to do
    • type verb
    • Delhi government collective abdication will result negative result sooner or later
  2. wanton
    • 1. extreme and showing no care at all,
    • 2. humorous (of a woman) behaving or       appearing in a very sexual way 

    • a wanton disregard for safety
    • ADVERB wantonly 

    India wantonly cedes the ground to its adversaries in Srilanka
  3. cede

    to give something as a ownership to someone else, either by unwilling  or by forced

    Honkong was ceded to England after war.

    India wantonly cedes the ground for its adversaries in Srilanka
  4. Adversary, Adverse, Adversely 
    • NOUN
    • an enemy 

    He saw her as his main adversary within the company.

    India wantonly cedes the ground for its adversary in Srilanka

    Adverse, Adversely,
  5. Embolden 

    to make some one brave

    Emboldened by drink, he walked over to speak to her.

    Srilanka will be emboldened and can play pakistan card against delhi
  6. impunity
    • NOUN
    • without and punishment or unpleasant result or freedom

    Criminal gangs are terrorizing the city with apparent impunity. 

    Srilanka is bound to pursue, with greater impunity, a strong strategic partnership with china, whose profile in the island increasing rapidly
  7. squander
    to spend or use money or supplies in a wasteful way, or to waste opportunities by not using them to your advantage

    As India squanders its leverages , tamil group in srilanka becomes more weekend.
  8. leverage
    value or power to influence the people to get more results

    IF UN has more troops then it have more leverages in this area.
  9. chauvinism
    • noun
    • jingoism

    the strong and unreasonable belief that your own country or race is the best or most important
  10. Hypocrisy
    • Noun
    • when someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time

    One should understand the hypocrisy in order to be successful
  11. Decimate
    • verb
    • to reduce large number of something or kill something

    Srilanka is decimating the liberation tiger of tamil eelam
  12. pull the rug from under  sb's  feet
    • to suddenly take  help or support from someone
    • congress party pull the rug from under feet of its own government
  13. sweep  sth  under the carpet
    hiding something 

    The committee is being accused of sweeping financial problems under the carpet to avoid embarrassment.
  14. pursue
    • pursue
    • try to get  
    • try to do 
    • follow for killing
  15. 1. talk turkey phrase
    2. prelude noun
    • talk turkey :- talking honestly hand straight
    • type noun
    • prelude :- (introduction) something which comes before an important event or action

    Talks between INLO and BJP is prelude to talk turkey with national parties next year.
  16. regime
    rules or management methods

    these are uniform regime
  17. pensive
    thinking in a quit way often with a serious expression 

    After hearing the matter, she becomes pensive
  18. pliable
    A pliable substance or PERSON bends easily without breaking or cracking 

    our Prime minister is pliable
  19. leap
    a leap in the dark
    by/in leaps and bounds
    jump/leap out of your skin
    • verb
    • Move suddenly or sudden change
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