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  1. Autoradiography
    • tissue sections with radioactive isotopes covered with photographic emulsion, exposed by radiation emanating from radioisotopes within tissues
    • -then placed in photographic emulsion, where activation of the particles will enable grains to be seen
  2. Pulse-chase method
    • pulse: expose the specimen to radioactively labeled particles
    • chase: expose to unlabeled particles nad follow them
  3. What did Palade and Jamieson do?
    what did it lead to?
    incubatd pancreatic tissue in a solution with radioactive amino acids nad saw how long it would take for them to be taken up by digestive enzymes

    to find where secretory proteins were made

    • led to discovery of the biosynthetic pathway
    • utilized autoradiography in acinar cells
  4. Palade and Caro
    - year
    - interest
    - what they did?
    • - 1950s
    • - interested and knew that proteins were being secreted
    • - they exposed cells with radioactively labelled amino acids and incubated sections in a mix of radioactively labeled amino acids
    • - the cells absorbed and carried on with their cellular processes
    • Palade and Caro followed radioactivity in a pulse-chase experiment
    • - combined autoradiography and electron microscopy to trace radioactive leucine in pancreatic cells
  5. Neutra and Lablond
    - studied goblet cells and wanted to iknow where the addition of the complex carb might take place- suspected glycosylation occurred in the Golgi- labeled sugars and saw them concentrated in the Golgi and then moving
  6. Caro and Palade
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