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  1. Cranium
  2. Tripartite (3 lobed) brain
    brain is separated into 3 different sections
  3. Heart (in fish)
    • 2 chambered
    • positioned behind gills
  4. Hemoglobin
    transport oxygen in the blood
  5. Lateral line system
    enables them to detect vibrations in the water
  6. Barbels
    surrounds the mouth on hagfish aka myxini
  7. Caudal fin
    tail modifications for locomotion
  8. Ampullae of Lorenzini
    • detect weak electrical fields when it's too dark to see prey
    • jelly filled cavity located beneath the skin on the face
  9. Vertebral arches
    • cover the dorsal hollow nerve chord
    • function is for protection
    • location for muscle attachment
  10. Myoglobin
    • oxygen carrying molecule in muscles
    • what makes beef, red meat, etc red
  11. bony endoskeleton
    • synapomorphy of vertebrata¬†
    • bone throughout the endoskeleton
  12. Pectoral and Pelvic fins
    • used for locomotion
    • synapomorphy of gnathostomata aka jawed fish
  13. calcified teeth
    • for feeding
    • synapomorphy of gnathostomata aka jawed fish
  14. operculum
    covers the gills on bony fish
  15. swim bladder
    • regulates buoyancy
    • modified into lungs in other fish and tetrapods
    • part of digestive system
    • sharks dont have it
  16. ray finned fish
    • largest living group of vertebrates
    • about 27,000 living species
    • 1/2 of all vertebrate species are ray-finned fish
  17. gill filaments
    • where gas exchange occurs in fish
    • located underneath operculum
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