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  1. corp
  2. corps
    • a unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and auxiliary arms
    • a group of persons associated together or acting under common direction
  3. corpulent
    excessively fat; obese; fleshy
  4. corpuscle
    a tiny body, such as a red or white cell that floats in the bloodstream
  5. corporal
    • of relating too, or affecting the body
    • a noncommissioned officer
  6. corpse
    a dead body, especially of a human being
  7. corpus delicti
    body of the crime; the substantial and fundamental fact necessary to prove the commission of a crime; the material substance upon which a crime has been committed
  8. writ of habeas corpus
    an order which requires that prisoners be brought before a court in order to determine the legality of their imprisonment
  9. corporeal
    having, consisting of, or relating to a physical material body; tangible ( capable of being touched; real; concrete; understood; substantial)
  10. incorporeal
    having no material body or form
  11. cred
    believe, trust
  12. credit
    confidence in a buyer's ability and intention to fulfill financial obligation; trust
  13. creditor
    person or firm to whom one owes money
  14. credentials
    evidence of testimonials attesting to one's right to credit,confidence, or authority ( as certificates, diplomas, letters)
  15. credible
    believable; capable of being believed; worthy of confidence, reliable
  16. incredible
    not believable; hard to believe; astonishing
  17. discredit
    to damage in reputation; to disgrace; to cause to be doubted or distrusted; to refuse to believe
  18. accredited
    certified that a school or college has met certain standards
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