CH5 irregular verbs

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  1. decir, servir and their stem changed forms
    • decir = to say:  digo, dices, dice, dicen
    • servir = to serve: sirvo, sirves, sirve, sirven
  2. e to ie
    querer and despertarse
    querer = to want: quiero, quieres...

    despertarse = to wake up: me despierto, te despiertas, se despierta, nos despertamos, se despiertan
  3. irregular:  ir, dar, estar, saber
    • ir = to go:  voy, vas, va , vamos, van
    • dar = to give: doy
    • estar = to be: estoy
    • saber = sé
    • ser = to be: soy
  4. Reflexive Verb construction
    One in which the subject performs and receives the action expressed by the verb
  5. Three placements of reflexive verb using tener que.
    • 1.  me tengo que, te tienes que infinitive
    • 2.  Tengo que acostarme, Tienes que acostarte... 
    • 3.  With the GERUND!! 
    •  -- me estoy duchando, Estoy duchandome
  6. Ser vs. estar with adjectives
    • SER: permanent objective characteristics
    • ESTAR:  subjective maybe temporary characteristics
  7. Equivalent of "we play tenis on saturdays"
    Jugamos al tenis los sabados

    Gotta include the definite article (los) and no preposition
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