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  1. which are the 4 muscles of the anterior compartment of the leg?
    -tibialis anterior

    -extensor digitorium longus

    -fibularis tertius

    -extensor hallucis longus
  2. tibialis anterior) origin (3)
    -lateral condyle of tibia

    -upper 2/3 of tibial shaft

    -interroseaous membrane
  3. tibialis anterior) inserts (2)
    -medial cuneiform

    -first metatarsal bone
  4. tibialis anterior) innervated
    deep fibular nerve
  5. tibialis anterior) action (2)

    -inversion of foot
  6. which muscle is just lateral to the tibia?
    tibialis anterior
  7. which muscle is the strongest dorsifelxor and invertor of the foot?
    tibialis anterior
  8. extensor digitorium longus) origin (3)
    -lateral condyle of tibia

    -proximal 3/4ths of fibula

    -partially off interosseaous membrane
  9. extensor digitorium longus) inserts
    middle and distal phalanges of toes 2-5 via extension expansion hood
  10. extensor digitorium longus) innervated
    deep fibular nerve
  11. extensor digitorium longus) action (3)
    -extend toes


  12. which muscle is the most laterally placed in upper portions of naterior compt.?
    extensor digitorium longus
  13. what muscle is fused with extensor digitorium longus?
    fibularis tertius
  14. (fibularis tertius) origin (2)
    -distal part of fibula

    -interroseasous membrane
  15. (fibularis tertius) inserts
    dorsum of the 5th metatarsal
  16. (fibularis tertius) innervated
    deep fibular nerve
  17. (fibularis tertius) action (2)

    -eversion of the foot
  18. extensor hallucis longus) origin (2)
    -anterior surface of fibula

    -interosseous membrane
  19. extensor hallucis longus) inserts
    • distal phalanx of toe
    • *forms extension expansion hood on it
  20. extensor hallucis longus) innervtad
    deep fibular nerve
  21. extensor hallucis longus) action (2)
    -extends big toe

    -helps with dorsiflexion of foot
  22. what does hallux mean?
    great toe
  23. what muscle is deeply places between tibialis anterior and extenosr digitorium longus?
    extensor halllucis longus
  24. what do the superior and inferior extenosr reinacula do?
    hold the tendons on the anterior side of the ankle
  25. what results from "foot drop"?
    injury to the deep fibular nerve
  26. what resutls from shin splints?
    injury or overuse of the muscles in the anterior compartment especially the tibialis anterior
  27. what are the main actions of muscle in lateral compt.?
    -plantar flex

    -evert the foot
  28. what is the main nerve that innervates the lateral compt of leg?
    superficial fibular nerve
  29. what are the 2 muscles that belong to the lateral compt of leg?
    -fibularis longus

    -fibularis brevis
  30. fibularis longus) origin
    head of fibula
  31. fibularis longus) inserts (2)
    -first metatarsal

    -medial cuneiform
  32. fibularis longus) innervaed
    suoerficial fibula nerve
  33. fibularis longus)  action (3)

    -evert the foot

    -support the arches of the foot
  34. which lateral muscle is the most superficial>?
    fibularis longus
  35. fibularis brevis) orign
    • -shaft of the fibula
    • *distal to the origin of the longus
  36. fibularis brevis) inserts
    proximal end of 5th metatarsal via a tendon running behind the lateral malleous
  37. fibularis brevis) innervatd
    superficial fibular nerve
  38. fibularis brevis) action (2)
    -plantar flexion

    -eversion of the foot
  39. what structure does it pass behind? fibularis brevis)
    lateral malleous
  40. What are peroneal retinacula?
    fibrous bands holding the peroneal tendons behind the lateral malleous

    • *2 of them
    • -superior peroneal retinaculum¬†
    • -inferior peroneal retinaculum
  41. what are 2 main actions of anterior compartment?

  42. what is the main nerve that innervates the anterior compt?
    deep fibular nerve
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